Aaron Rodgers made a great point about the way we think about Covid

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When Aaron Rodgers tested positive for Covid, it caused a lot of confusion. He previously said that he is "immunized," which many people took to mean vaccinated. 

It turns out that Rodgers is not vaccinated. The reaction to the news has been all over the map. 

Some people respect his personal healthcare choice. 

Some people are calling him a liar. 

Some people are calling him selfish and dangerous. 

Regardless of where you fall on the issue, it's worth mentioning that both sides made some interesting points. Rodgers specifically made some points in a recent interview that I think are worth considering. 

Note: Nothing in this article should be construed as medical advice. If you want medical advice, please consult a healthcare professional. 

The Criticism 

Many celebrities and sports legends spoke out against Aaron Rodgers following his positive test. 

Some felt Rodgers using the word immunized when he isn't vaccinated, was a lie. 

“I’d give Aaron Rodgers some advice. It would have been nice if he’d just come to the Naval Academy and learned how to be honest. Learned not to lie. Because that’s what you did, Aaron. You lied to everyone.” -Terry Bradshaw

NBA Legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar wrote a lengthy blog post where he claimed Rodgers, despite testing daily, was a threat to others around him. 

“What’s especially bothersome is that Aaron Rodgers didn’t just lie and threaten the health of those around him, he also damaged professional sports.” -Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Good Points

Rodgers made several interesting points. 

Where is the science?

One of his overarching points was that many people have opinions about Covid that are not supported by science. 

The first point centered around the NFL Covid protocols. Rodgers claims to be tested daily as an unvaccinated player, and he claims he is forced to wait in his car alone until he gets a negative result. 

If his claims are true, that would mean he is never around any team personnel without a current negative test. 

That leads to the fundamental question about danger. Does someone with a negative test that morning pose an unreasonable risk to people around him? 

Kareem claims that the answer is yes, and he is not alone. Many people have claimed that Rodgers endangered those around him despite getting tested daily. 

Unfortunately, nobody decided to back up their claims with scientific evidence. 

Masking at press conferences 

Rodgers disagrees with the NFL rule requiring unvaccinated players to mask at press conferences. He claims that the rule is not based on science.

According to Rodgers, when he gives a press conference, everyone else is vaccinated and between 6–20 feet away. 

Note: I'm taking Rodgers at his word here. It would be extremely difficult to fact-check this without access to reporters' health records. 

Which study proves that Rodgers is a danger to vaccinated, masked people who are 6–20 feet away from him on a day where he already tested negative?

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated danger to others 

Rodgers also offered some interesting inside into NFL protocols for vaccinated players. 

According to Rodgers, vaccinated players test once every two weeks and are allowed to be maskless in the team facility. 

Unvaccinated players test daily and must wear masks in the facility. 

We know that vaccinated people can still transmit Covid, albeit at a much lower rate. 

But, given the protocols, do we know for sure that an unvaccinated NFL player is more of a danger to spread Covid than a vaccinated one? If an unvaccinated player is still more of a risk, despite the protocols, how much more?

Final Thoughts

Here is the complete video of Rodgers's interview if you want to see it in its entirety. 

“The situation that I’m in should be a conversation, not a controversy.”-Aaron Rodgers

Covid is a complicated topic; it's important to remember that. A healthy conversation about the topic is a good thing. 

However, it's also important that we stick to science as much as possible. 

Overall, Rodgers said many things that many people, myself included, disagree with. However, he also made some great points. 

Disclaimer: This article was made to analyze several claims by Rodgers in a recent interview. It was a long interview and I didn’t even attempt to analyze everything said, just some portions. His views are not my views. 

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