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Interesting new study reignites the vaccination vs. natural immunity debate

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Diminishing vaccine effectiveness has been talked about a lot lately. The discussion inevitably leads to several questions. 

Do we need booster shots? 

Is vaccination still more effective than natural immunity?

At this time, Los Angeles doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of the booster shot idea. Demand for booster shots has been much lower than expected

Natural Immunity

Whether or not vaccination is needed after you have already recovered from Covid has been thoroughly debated. There are many people in Los Angeles on both sides of the debate. 

Dr. Emily Sydnor Spivak had the following to say

“While there is some evidence natural infection provides strong immunity, there is variability from person to person and less predictability than vaccine immunity.” -Dr. Emily Sydnor Spivak

New Study

A new CDC study analyzed over 7,000 hospitalized patients in nine states. It analyzed unvaccinated patients that recovered from Covid vs. fully vaccinated patients with no prior infection.

The study found that the unvaccinated patients were more than five times more likely to contract covid than vaccinated patients. The results support the idea that vaccines provide more consistent immunity for at least six months. 

“We now have additional evidence that reaffirms the importance of COVID-19 vaccines, even if you have had prior infection. This study adds more to the body of knowledge demonstrating the protection of vaccines against severe disease from COVID-19.”-Dr. Rochelle Walensky

Final Thoughts

Our understanding of Covid is constantly evolving. New studies are coming out so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up. 

One thing that has stayed consistent is that health officials strongly recommend vaccination.

Overall, L.A. has bought into that advice. Los Angeles County’s vaccination rate is higher than the national average. It will be interesting to see if that remains true when it comes to booster shots. 

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