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Should diminishing vaccine effectiveness raise concerns about booster shot demand in Los Angeles?

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The recent breakthrough Covid case of Mayor Eric Garcetti pushed the pandemic back into the forefront of many people's minds. 

L.A. County's numbers are not overly alarming, but they show that Covid is not all the way behind us yet. 

Recent news begs the question, should Los Angeles start worrying about Covid again?

New Study

A recent study looked at the records of nearly 800,000 U.S. veterans and came to some interesting conclusions. 

The study found that after six months, each vaccine's effectiveness dropped dramatically. 

  • Moderna's vaccine dropped from 89% effective to 58% effective. 
  • Pfizer's vaccine dropped from 87% effective to 45% effective. 
  • The Johnson & Johnson vaccine dropped from 86% effective to 13% effective. 

All three vaccines still significantly lowered the risk of death from Covid. 

  • People who took the Moderna vaccine were 76% less likely to die compared to unvaccinated people of the same age. 
  • People who took the Pfizer vaccine were 70% less likely to die than unvaccinated people of the same age.
  • People who took the Johnson & Johnson vaccine were 52% less likely to die than unvaccinated people of the same age.

It's worth noting that studying only veterans has some potential flaws. For one, the average veteran is older than the average American. There are also significantly more male veterans than female veterans. 

However, there have been other researchers that have reached similar conclusions

“The group’s analysis provides a lens for making informed decisions around primary vaccination, booster shots, and other multiple layers of protection. That includes mask mandates, coronavirus testing, and other public health measures aimed at countering viral spread.” -Dr. Barbara Cohn

Booster Shots

The study's findings highlight the potential need for booster shots, especially for the elderly and immunocompromised.

Unfortunately, the demand for booster shots in Los Angeles, and California as a whole, has been lower than expected. 

The initial projections expected 1.1 million booster shots to be administered in the first week of October. According to the California Department of Public Health, the actual number was only 230,000.

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