October 18th is National Legging Day. That means it is officially legging season.

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It feels like there is a day for everything.

October 18th is National Legging Day.

Fabletics founded International Legging Day in 2019. Its stated goal was to celebrate the start of the official legging season. There is also the obvious goal of selling more leggings.

Regardless of the reason for the day, leggings are undeniably popular. Comfort is the biggest reason for their popularity. Whether you are wearing them for a workout or everyday activities, it’s hard to beat the comfort of leggings.

One drawback is that they are tight, and leave very little to the imagination. If you want to look “better” in them, here are a few exercises that can help.

Disclaimers: I said if you want to look “better.” If you are happy with the way you look in leggings, you’re 100% correct; this article isn’t for you. Also, this is not a complete list. Diet, lifestyle, and other exercises are important also. This is just a small list of exercises that help.


Squats are the king of all lower body exercises. While it’s possible to build lower body muscles without them, no single exercise does it more efficiently.

There are many different types of squats to choose from.

Whichever types of squats you decide to do, pay attention to your form. Lifting heavier weight is nowhere near as important as doing each rep with good form.


Lunges are a popular exercise for building lower body muscles. The big advantage they have over squats is that they target the glutes a little better. They are also done with less weight, or none at all, making them safer for beginners.

Hip Thrust

Hip thrusts are a popular way to build strong glutes, and strong help you fill out your leggings better. While it’s possible to build muscle without extremely big weights, sometimes heavy weights help. With some practice, it’s relatively easy to move some big weight doing hip thrusts.

Glute Kickback

A lot of people like Glute Kickbacks because it focuses on the glutes. Of all the exercises on this list, it’s easiest to feel “the burn” in your glutes while doing kickbacks.

Final Thoughts

Working out is just one part of improving the way your leggings fit. Don’t forget about diet. Your dietary habits are more important than anything you will do in the gym.

Many different diets work well. But, all the best diets have these things in common.

  • They prioritize unprocessed food
  • They emphasize drinking enough water
  • They involve eating enough fruits and vegetables
  • They work best when you get enough sleep

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