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Are vaccine passports on their way to Los Angeles?

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As soon as the Covid vaccine was approved, the debate started about so-called “vaccine passports.” 

Requiring people to prove their vaccination status is a controversial idea. There are Los Angeles residents that fall on both sides of this argument. 

So far, the state has declined to mandate vaccine passports. California recommends unvaccinated people wear masks in many situations. However, there are no rules that require people to prove their vaccination status

Is that about to change?

Why The Controversy?

This topic is controversial, with many people on both sides

One issue that people bring up against vaccine passports is that not everyone can get vaccinated. 

Some people can’t get vaccinated for health or religious reasons. It seems unfair to penalize those people. 

The more common criticism about vaccine passports revolves around freedom. Some feel that it would infringe on their right to do what they want with their bodies. 

Vaccine Verification System

Governor Newsom recently announced plans for a vaccine verification system. According to Governor Newsom, the system is coming soon. 

Currently, when a Los Angeles resident gets vaccinated, they are given a little white card. The card says when you were vaccinated and which vaccine you received. 

The new vaccine verification system will essentially just be an electronic form of that paper card. 

Not a Requirement

When pressed, the Governor clarified that this new system is not indicative of a new requirement

“It’s not a passport, it’s not a requirement. It’s just the ability now to have an electronic version of that paper version.”-Gavin Newsom

My Thoughts

Regardless of where you fall on this issue, the state seems determined not to require proof of vaccination. California as a whole seems content to allow private businesses to make their own decisions on this issue. 

Some Los Angeles businesses will choose to ask for the verification of vaccination. I suspect many businesses will require workers to be vaccinated. 

I suspect that only a small number of businesses will require proof of vaccination for customers. This issue is too contentious. Most businesses would prefer to avoid the controversy altogether. 

It seems clear at this point that most universities will require their students to get the vaccine

Keeping all that in mind, I like the new vaccine verification system. It seems convenient to have an electronic way to prove you are vaccinated. 

A small white card is too easy to lose. Having verification on your phone seems easier and more efficient. 

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