Does America deserve credit for joining the fight for vaccine equity now?

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Russia and China have been donating vaccines worldwide for months now

Granted, their motives may be more political than anything. But they have still been doing it.

On the other hand, America has been hoarding vaccines while we watch people in developing countries die unnecessarily. 

That is about to change. America is finally joining Russia and China in the fight for vaccine equity. 

But does America really deserve credit for being this late to the party?


Equity has long been a political buzzword in America. 

Many people believe in equity when it helps them. Few believe in it when it means helping others. 

President Biden has long claimed to care about racial equity

However, his version of racial equity is the xenophobic “America First” type. 

The World Health Organization has been warning about vaccine inequity for months now

America has vaccinated over 50% of its population, while the entire continent of Africa has a roughly 2% vaccination rate

How’s that for “racial equity?”

What is Happening Now?

America is finally stepping up to help. 

According to the Washington Post, the Biden administration is shipping 500 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine worldwide

They are encouraging other nations to do the same. 

My Thoughts 

President Biden’s comments regarding this latest action are virtue signaling at its finest. 

The White House described it as:

“Historic action that will help supercharge the global fight against the pandemic.”

It was also described as:

“This is the largest-ever purchase and donation of vaccines by a single country and a commitment by the American people to help protect people around the world from COVID-19.”

With this much too late action, we can all go back to pretending to care about equity now. 

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