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Can antibody tests help Los Angeles return to normal faster?

Eugene Adams

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Los Angeles is more than ready to roar back to life. All of California will reopen fully on June 15th

However, not everyone is ready for that day. Some people still feel cautious about Covid. 

Some people will wear masks longer than they need to. 

Some people will avoid crowds long after the pandemic is over. 

Some people will get tested for Covid, just for peace of mind. 

For those people, maybe an antibody test will help. 

What is an Antibody Test?

To understand what an antibody test is, it’s first important to understand what an antibody is. 

Antibodies are proteins made by your body’s immune system. They are meant to fight a particular virus. They are very specific to their intended target. Therefore, Covid antibodies would help your body fight Covid but not other diseases. 

What is an antibody test?

An antibody test is a test to see if Covid antibodies are present in your body. 

A negative result means one of two things. 

  1. You have not been exposed to Covid. 
  2. You were exposed, but your body hasn't produced antibodies at the level needed to be detected at the time of the test. 

A positive result means that you have most likely had Covid at some point. 

Where Can You Get One?

If you want to get an antibody test, there are plenty of options in the Los Angeles area. 

You can visit this website.

Most local drug stores provide Antibody tests as well. (for example, CVS and Rite Aid)

What the Experts Say

Experts warn that antibody tests should only be used to determine if you have had a previous infection, not a current one. 

Some people will feel more comfortable returning to normal activities if they know they have Covid antibodies.

However, experts warn that the test might provide false confidence

“If antibody test results are interpreted incorrectly, there is a potential risk that people may take fewer precautions against SARS-CoV-2 exposure. Taking fewer steps to protect against SARS-CoV-2 can increase their risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and may result in the increased spread of [the virus.]”-FDA Statement

After Vaccination

It is also worth noting that the CDC recommends against taking the test after your covid vaccination

According to the CDC, vaccines produce specific antibodies that antibody tests can’t detect. 

My Thoughts

Antibody tests are just one tool we have against Covid. We have masks, vaccinations, and many other tools as well. 

If taking an antibody test gives you peace of mind, go for it. 

My main message is that Los Angeles is returning to normal whether you are ready or not. 

That means you can go back to mostly normal, or not. It’s your choice. 

Do whatever you are comfortable with. 

If that means being more cautious than some people, that’s fine. 

Go at your own pace. 

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