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Etiwanda Nature Preserve: a great hike for people of all fitness levels

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The North Etiwanda Preserve is an excellent hike in Rancho Cucamonga. It's popular for many reasons, including its beautiful falls.

Most people who grew up in the area have hiked to the falls with friends at least once.


The North Etiwanda Preserve is located right off the 210 freeway.

Exit Day Creek and head north. Proceed until you reach Etiwanda Avenue. Take Etiwanda all the way up until the pavement ends.

That will bring you to the designated parking area.


According to their Facebook page, the trail is open from Sunrise to Sunset daily. The Sunset time is posted at the gate entrance.


There are several signs posted with things that are prohibited. Those things include:

  • No Bikes
  • No Horses
  • No Dogs
  • No Firearms

It's worth noting that the no dogs rule doesn't seem to be well enforced. Every time I have been there, I have seen at least one person with a dog. If you do decide to bring your dog against the rules, at least pick up after it.


The hike is approximately 3.4 miles total. Many people rate the hike as moderate.

I disagree with the hike being moderate. I would rate it as easy. It is mostly uphill but not terribly steep.

Hikers of all levels should be able to complete the hike.


As with most Southern California hikes, there are some pretty amazing views.

Photo by Author

Photo by Author

Photo by Author

The view is much better on a clear day.Photo by Author

Another view that is better on a clear day.Photo by Author


The amount of trash is one of the strengths of this hike. Many trails have trash all over. That is not the case here. I rarely see much trash.

I had to look hard to find a piece of trash.Photo by Author

While there is very little trash, there is quite a bit of graffiti. That's sad because it definitely takes away from the beautiful surroundings.

Graffiti ruining beautiful nature.Photo by Author


Final Thoughts

Starting 10/1/2021 you will have to pay for parking.Photo by Author

(Edit: 9/24/2021)

On my last hike, I noticed a new sign. It looks like the Etiwanda Preserve will start charging for parking.

Come early if you want easy parking. The designated parking area is tiny and fills up fast. If you come after the lot fills up, expect to be waiting a while.

The hike is relatively easy, but you should still bring water just in case. Also, there is very little shade so bring a good hat and some sunscreen.

There are also no public restrooms available, so keep that in mind.

Please call (909) 677–0066 or visit their website for questions or more information.

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