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Is it time for 24 Hour Fitness to stop virtue signaling about Covid?

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Is a mask “requirement” really a requirement if there is no enforcement?

Does virtue signaling about Covid slow the spread when your actions don’t match your words? 

Gyms were closed in Fontana for a long time. They reopened with the understanding that certain precautions would be in place. 

The 24 Hour Fitness in North Fontana (15310 Summit Avenue Fontana, CA 92336) doesn’t take those precautions seriously. 

Their “Policy”

When the gym reopened, it did a great job of laying out all the precautions they took to fight Covid. 

Certain amenities are still closed (sauna and steam room). They socially distanced some machines. For example, every other cardio machine is not in use to promote social distancing. 

They also ask all members to wipe down all equipment before and after use. This is an interesting one since the CDC states that the risk of infection from surfaces is low

When it comes to masking, the gym makes its alleged position clear. 

Their website clearly states the masks are “required” at all times

Lack of Enforcement

During my last couple of workouts, I noticed that gymgoers fell into three groups. 

  • People who wear their masks properly
  • People who wear their masks below their nose
  • People who don’t wear a mask at all

There are even multiple employees who wear their masks below their noses. 

I have yet to see anyone enforcing any of the gym's “rules.”

Do “Rules” Help?

Obviously, not wearing a mask does nothing to slow the spread of Covid. 

But what about wearing one below your nose? 

Studies show that Covid can enter your nasal cavity just as easily as your mouth

If there were no rules in place, mask-wearing at the gym would be similar. Some would wear them perfectly, some imperfectly, and some not at all. 

So it’s not clear how having unenforced rules helps the fight against Covid. 

Covid in Fontana

The number of Covid cases in San Bernardino County has been dropping steadily

  • The number of active cases is below 1,000 for the first time since the county started tracking active cases. (988 as of May 6th)
  • The county is averaging fewer new cases (67) than resolved cases (69) weekly. 
  • 68 patients are currently hospitalized with Covid (as of May 5th), which is the lowest since March 30, 2020.

The city of Fontana has seen similar improvements in its Covid numbers. 

My Thoughts

Covid in Fontana is getting better, and it will continue to get better as more people get vaccinated. 

However, sometime soon, we have to make a choice. (in my opinion)

Do we care about Covid or not? 

Virtue signaling doesn’t help—only our actions matter. “Rules” that we don’t enforce do nothing. 

If we are going to allow some businesses like 24 Hour Fitness to blatantly ignore guidelines, why do we have them at all? All we are doing is burdening small businesses that try to follow the rules. 

Either let people live their normal lives, or don’t. This weird in-between where we virtue signal about taking Covid seriously but only take half actions doesn't make sense. 

Note: for more information about the 24 Hour Fitness on Summit, visit their website

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