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The list of things Los Angeles residents can do without a mask is growing

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Do you want to ditch your mask?

The CDC’s newest mask guidelines offer a look into what a “post Covid” Los Angeles will look like. 

Change in Philosophy

The CDC is taking a slightly different approach with this new set of guidelines.

“Over the past year we have spent a lot of time telling Americans what they cannot do, what they should not do. Today, I’m going to tell you some of the things you can do if you are fully vaccinated.”-Dr. Rochelle Walensky

The CDC seems to finally be taking into account the growing evidence that outdoor activities are not as dangerous. 

According to Dr. Walensky, the recent changes have been driven by many different factors. Perhaps the biggest being that less than 10% of documented Covivd transmissions have happened outdoors. 

What Has Changed

The biggest change is that it’s now acceptable to remove your masks outdoors in most situations. 

Both vaccinated, and unvaccinated people can walk, run, hike or bike by themselves or with people from their households maskless. You can also stop wearing masks when attending small outdoor gatherings. 

What Has Not Changed

People should still wear masks when in a crowded area.

“I want to be absolutely clear, if you’re in a crowd … you still have to wear a mask. Even if you’re outside.” President Joe Biden

 Handy Graphics 

The CDC put together a couple of handy graphics. They contain a more comprehensive list of activities and how safe they are. 

The graphics are broken up into indoor and outdoor activities. 


Photo courtesy of the CDC


Photo Courtesy of the CDC

My Thoughts 

It’s nice seeing the CDC guidelines reflect a return to something resembling normal. I am excited to live a life that is as mask-free as possible. 

Hopefully, guidelines like this will motivate people on the fence to get vaccinated. The more people get vaccinated, the more normal life will become. 

But all in all, this news probably won’t change a whole lot in Los Angeles. People have already been living this way for a while now. 

When you walk around Los Angeles, you see maskless people everywhere. Sure, people wear masks in stores, but they usually come off shortly after. 

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