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Eureka! Governor Newsom aims to fully reopen the economy on June 15th

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Los Angeles has been reopening slowly for the last couple of months. So far, the reopening has been based on the state’s tier system

Each county is placed into a tier based on certain metrics. Therefore, some counties are farther along than others. 

That may change in the near future. The governor hopes to open the entire state's economy on June 15th.

What was said?

“We’ll be opening up on June 15, this economy…business as usual. We are announcing now that on June 15, we will be getting rid of the colored [reopening] tiers.” -California Governor Gavin Newsom

California Director of Health Services Dr. Mark Ghaly expanded:

“The Blueprint as it’s devised now will no longer be in effect as of June 15.” -Dr. Mark Ghaly

So starting June 15th, all of California will be reopened on the same timeline. No more county by county rules. 

This plan is dependent on vaccines being available and a low level of Covid spread, of course. 

Why the change?

As Newsom noted, California currently has one of the lowest case rates in America. Covid numbers have been dropping steadily. 

California has administered over 20 million doses of the vaccine. That number is more than all but 5 countries worldwide. 

Dr. Ghaly also made clear that June 15th was not picked randomly. It is exactly 8 weeks after April 15th. April 15th is the date that all Californians 16 and older become eligible for the vaccine. 

What it means for Los Angeles 

The Governor’s office issued a press release that stated: 

“All sectors listed in the current Blueprint for a Safer Economy grid may return to usual operations in compliance with Cal/OSHA requirements and with common-sense public health policies in place, such as required masking, testing and with vaccinations encouraged. Large-scale indoor events, such as conventions, will be allowed to occur with testing or vaccination verification requirements.”

This is great news for Los Angeles businesses. It means no more business-killing restrictions. Businesses will be able to operate normally or very close to it. 

Common sense preventative measures will still be in place, but nothing like we have grown used to. 

What won’t change

One thing that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon is masking. 

“We still see masking as a key protective feature. There is no timeline for ending the mask requirement.”-Dr. Ghaly

Governor Newsom agrees. 

“It’s the most powerful non-pharmaceutical intervention we can have.” -Gavin Newsom.

Thankfully, masking is a small price to pay for getting Los Angeles back to something resembling normal. 

Potential setbacks

This is an ambitious plan. It is possible things won’t go perfectly. 

Two main criteria have to happen to reach the June 15th goal. 

  1. California must keep the vaccine supply sufficient for everyone 16+ to be vaccinated. (if they choose to)
  2. Hospitalizations need to stay stable and low. 

The two things are tied together. If we vaccinate fast enough, hospitalizations will remain low. 

As of now, the pace of vaccination and future supply of doses seems promising. 

My thoughts

This is the best news I have heard since Covid started. Los Angeles is a little over two months from being 90% back to normal. 

The only real setback I can see happening is people not wanting to get vaccinated. It seems like a majority of Los Angeles residents are ready and willing to get the vaccine. But not everyone will. 

If you are on the fence about vaccination, I hope that you will decide to get one. It is a powerful tool that can help us return to normal. 

If you are dead set against getting a vaccine, it’s a free country. I respect your right to refuse. 

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