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Vaccine Eligibility in Los Angeles Will Change in a Big Way April 15th

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A big change is coming to the push to vaccinate Los Angeles.

Starting April 1st, residents 50 and older can get vaccinated. Starting on April 15th, every California resident 16 and older will be eligible.

With Los Angeles poised to enter the orange tier soon, the light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting brighter.

Or as Governor Newsom puts it:

“There’s not just light at the end of the tunnel; there’s bright light at the end of the tunnel.” -Gov. Gavin Newsom

Why The Change?

State officials say that this dramatic change is based on an expected increase in the vaccine supply.

When pressed about the change, Governor Newsom said he was comfortable with it due to one word: “Abundance.”

This is a huge change from recent weeks. Vaccine supply has been the only thing holding the vaccination push back.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti frequently complained about the lack of vaccine doses.

Just last week, he said:

“The city is capable of giving out twice as many shots as it’s currently administering. Give us more, we’ll get them into arms.”

That was a sentiment that Governor Newsom seemed to agree with.

“Our ability to do more has always been constrained by supply, manufactured supply. We have confidence, now, of the manufactured supply becoming available sooner than we had anticipated.”-Governor Newsom

How many doses are coming?

According to state officials, California expects 2.5 million doses per week in early April. Then, 3 million doses per week by the end of April.

Currently, California is receiving around 1.8 million doses per week.


It is important to note that you can’t schedule an appointment before being eligible for the vaccine.

Los Angeles residents can go through their doctor’s office to book their shots once they are eligible. You can also use the state’s My Turn scheduling site. Whichever method you use, you must wait until you are officially eligible.

Eventually, vaccines will be available in many other places. Pharmacies, community clinics, and government-run centers will administer vaccines once the supply grows.

What Now?

It is important to note that eligibility does not equal everyone getting immediate vaccination. It will still probably take several months for everyone who wants a vaccine to get one.

With Los Angeles County on the cusp of the orange tier, it is important to avoid a setback now. Nobody wants to see recently re-opened businesses close back down.

Governor Newsom warns:

“This is not time to take down your guard or literally, as is the case, take off your mask. The most potent and powerful thing you can do is wear a face covering. Let us work through the next number of weeks until we get to that place of abundance, moving away from the scarcity mindset where we can meaningfully begin to reopen the economy without the kind of modifications we are currently experiencing.”

Los Angeles County Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer has very similar views.

“We are committed along with everyone to move forward and we are excited about this opportunity to stay on the recovery journey. But we have to do it in a way that doesn’t jeopardize safety and we have to do it in a way that pays attention to what our numbers are doing and what we’re seeing around the other states and other countries and to be sensible as you move forward.” -Dr. Barbara Ferrer

My Thoughts

I hate that social distancing and masking are still needed more than one year after this pandemic started.

However, I am very excited for the near future. With businesses all over Los Angeles finally reopening, the city is starting to feel more normal.

With vaccines becoming more available soon, it gives me hope that those businesses can stay open.

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