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Mt. Rubidoux Memorial Park Hiking Trail

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A recent study suggested that people have gained an average of 1.5 pounds per month during Covid. It was a small study, so we shouldn't take the specific numbers too seriously. However, it is fair to say that people gained weight in the last year. It is also fair to say that weight gain has the potential to be problematic.

Obesity has long been a problem in America. Obesity has many serious health risks. One of those risks is an increased risk of death due to Covid. So now that the Covid situation is slowly improving, it’s a great time to start getting back in shape.

For some people, getting in shape means going to one of Riverside's recently opened gyms. Other people might like working out at home. But for some of us, hiking is a great way to get in shape.

The first day of spring just passed, which means it is a great time of year to get moving outdoors. If you live in or near the city of Riverside, Mt. Rubidoux is a great place to hike.


The trail is located at 6927 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92506. There is limited parking on the street. Directly across the street is Ryan Bonaminio Park. There is also parking there, although it is limited.

Hours and Rules


The hiking trail is open from dawn till dusk every day. There are no lights, so you would not want to hike it after dark anyways. Solicitation, alcohol, cutting plants, dogs off-leash, and littering are not allowed.

It is worth noting that there is trash on the trail, so the littering rules don’t seem to be well enforced. I also saw a couple of dogs off their leashes, so I doubt anyone will bother you.


The hike is around 2.7 Miles. According to the city of Riverside website, it takes 45–60 minutes to walk or 20–30 minutes to run.

Overall, it is a pretty easy hike. People of most fitness levels can do it. The uphill part, in the beginning, can be a little challenging, but it is followed by plenty of downhill to catch your breath.

Great Views

My favorite part of the hike is the nice view. Since the hike is higher than its surroundings, you get a great 360-degree view of Riverside County. On a clear day, you can see many miles in all directions.







Come on a clear day so you can fully enjoy the view.


One negative part of the hike is the trash. The situation is far better than I have seen it in the past, but it still should be better. Be respectful, and please don’t leave trash all over the place. It is a beautiful part of nature. Let's all do our part to keep it beautiful.


If you bring a facemask, take it home with you.


There are trash cans available. Throw your trash away properly.

My Advice

Come Early

The earlier you come, the better. As the day gets later, more and more people come. Enjoy it in the early morning when the sun is lower, and it’s less crowded.

Coming at a less crowded time will also make parking much less of a headache.

Use Restroom Before

There are no restrooms on the trail. Use the restroom before you leave home or use the one at Ryan Bonaminio Park across the street.

Bring Own Water

Bring a small bag with some water. It is not a particularly long hike, but it is long enough you will probably need water.

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