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24 Hour Fitness: Fontana (Summit) Location Finally Reopened!

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Fontana residents can now go to the gym (indoors). San Bernadino County entered the red tier on Sunday

Entering the red tier means that many Covid restrictions have been adjusted. 

  • Retail stores allowed 50% capacity, up from 25%.
  • Museums, zoos, and aquariums open indoors with 25% capacity. They were previously closed. 
  • Gyms, restaurants, and movie theaters open indoors with 25% capacity. They were previously closed. 

Everyone is excited about things reopening for different reasons. Personally, I was most excited to get back to the gym. It has been nearly a whole year since my last gym workout. 

24 Hour Fitness in Fontana

Now that the gym is open again, I could not resist checking it out for myself. I went to the 24 Hour Fitness in North Fontana. It is located at 15310 Summit Avenue, Fontana, California 92336

Before the pandemic, it was open 24 hours (hence the name). Now it is open from 5:00 AM-9:00 PM daily. 

They have implemented many changes to make the club safer


Throughout the working day, crew members walk around the club, disinfecting equipment. There are also towels and disinfectants throughout the club for gym members to use. 

The gym closes overnight for a more thorough cleaning. 

Touch-Free Check In

Previously, you checked in by entering your phone number and giving your thumbprint. Now check-in is entirely contact-free. All you have to do is download the 24GO app and check yourself in on the phone.

Some locations require an appointment to work out. This location does not at this time. If you go to a different location, you can check the 24GO app for information about reservations. 

Social Distancing 

They made some changes to the club to encourage social distancing. Every other cardio machine is blocked off to encourage distancing. There are also signs posted on the floor throughout the gym to encourage distancing. 


Most amenities are closed. The basketball court has been repurposed (filled with exercise bikes). The Lockerrooms, pool, sauna, and steam room are all closed. 


Masks are required at all times during your workout.

The gym was relatively empty. Photo: By Author

My Experience


I went to the gym around 2 PM. Since there was no reservation required, I was worried it would be crowded. I could not have been more wrong. There were around 15 people in the entire gym. That made it easy to maintain social distancing while working out. 

It was a nice change from my experience at this gym in previous years. Having to adjust your workout or wait for equipment used to be the norm. The empty gym made it easy to get in, get my workout done, and get out in under an hour. 

The gym will probably get busier as more people become comfortable returning. But for now, I plan on enjoying the near-empty gym.

Mask Enforcement

Masks are technically required at all times. However, as most Fontana residents know, the rules are not always strictly enforced. 

I noticed several masks slipping under people’s noses. There were also two people wearing their masks around their chins. There were no signs of any mask enforcement by the staff.

Contact-free Check-in

Checking in was easy using the 24GO app. You just select your club, take a picture of your face, and click check-in. Then as you enter the gym, you show the app to the person behind the front desk. 


I enjoyed being back in the gym. Working out while avoiding the crowds was amazing. Although I am sure it will get more crowded as time passes. I was also pleasantly surprised that working out with a mask on was not as annoying as expected (I wore a KN95 mask).

Final Thoughts

As silly as it may seem to some people, my first time back in the gym was a big moment for me. Part of it is because I missed the gym, but it is more than that. Going to the gym made Fontana feel closer to “normal” than it has felt in almost a year. 

If you have any questions about this gym or a different 24 Hour Fitness club near you, visit their website

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