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Los Angeles Restaurants, Bars, Movie Theaters, and Gyms Get The Green Light

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It has been a very long time since Los Angeles residents could enjoy a movie theater, indoor gym, or indoor dining. That might be changing very soon. 

Most of California, including Los Angeles County, is still in the most restrictive purple tier. But now that California is hitting the 2-million vaccine doses mark, it is much easier to advance to the next tier. 

The following counties will all be joining the red tier soon, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernadino, Contra Costa, Sonoma, Placer, Mendocino, San Benito, Tuolumne, Siskiyou, Colusa, and Mono. 

Once those counties joining the red tier, roughly 45% of the state (17.7 million residents) will be enjoying fewer restrictions. 

Once in the red tier, many things can change. Indoor dining, movie theaters, and indoor gyms will be allowed with restrictions. Amusement parks will also be permitted to open starting April 1st. Also, in-person classes are allowed to resume for students grades 7–12. 

Note: These are all state guidelines. Individual counties can decide to set their own more restrictive measures. 

Los Angeles County Guidelines 

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer made it clear that Los Angeles plans on making its own guidelines.

Here is the list of things included in L.A. Counties guidelines:

  • Zoos, Museums, and Aquariums are allowed at 25% capacity.
  • Gyms, Yoga studios, and Dance studios are finally allowed indoors. But, masks must be worn, and there is a 10% capacity limit.
  • Movie Theaters are allowed with social distancing requirements and a 25% capacity. 
  • Retail and Personal Care Services still require masking at all times. But, they can increase capacity to 50%.
  • Restaurants can open for indoor dining at 25% capacity. Restaurants also have to follow many rules. There are rules about the HVAC systems, masking, table limits, and social distancing. 
  • Indoor Malls can increase capacity to 50%. However, food courts have a 25% capacity. 
  • Schools can open in-person for grades 7–12. Higher Education institutions can reopen all activities with safety modifications. But, still no residential housing at universities. 
  • Private indoor gatherings can include up to 3 separate households, with masking and distancing. However, fully vaccinated people can gather together without masking and distancing. 

Green Tier

Governor Newsom is so optimistic about the current covid situation that he is planning a new tier

“We are working, quite literally, on a green tier, and have been now for a number of months, in anticipation of this bright light at the end of this tunnel.”
Governor Newsom

A “green tier” was left out of the original plan. It is being added now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

“We are in a completely different place than we were six and eight weeks ago. We are still seeing too many lives lost. This disease continues to be deadly. This disease continues to be ubiquitous. It is not taking spring break off. This disease is not going to take the summer off.”
Governor Newsom

My Thoughts

Los Angeles residents are fed up with Covid. We are all ready for this nightmare to be over. It is not over yet, but we can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Many restrictions will start to be lifted, which is a great thing. Hopefully, everything runs smoothly and is done safely. Nobody wants to take a step back at this point. 

The fact that the state is even planning a so-called “green tier” is a huge sign of progress. California has been one of the most cautious states when it comes to dealing with covid. So if California sees the light at the end of the tunnel, that is saying something. 

Stay safe, everyone, and hopefully, we will have our normal lives back sooner rather than later. 

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