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Many Democrats, especially the far left, don’t like President Biden. They prefer him to President Trump, but that is not saying a lot.

President Biden has not enjoyed the same honeymoon period many presidents get. That is probably because many in his party chose him begrudgingly at best. We are only a couple of months into his presidency, and already he has been heavily criticized by the more liberal portion of his party. The other side, i.e., Republicans, were never going to like him. But, you would have thought that he would at least find full support within his own party.

Jordan Peterson recently offered a great bit of advice. It illustrated where the Democrats went wrong and how the Republicans can avoid the same fate.

Note: Yes, I know that many Democrats support President Biden fully. I am just commenting on the overall level of support he gets from his party compared to previous presidents.

Jordan Peterson’s Advice To Conservatives

It’s not every day that Instagram recommends a useful post to me. But, this video from Mikhaila Peterson’s Instagram was extremely thought-provoking.

In the video, Mikhaila Peterson is interviewing her father. She asks her father what he recommends conservatives do now that the Democrats are in power.

His answer was one of the best pieces of advice I have heard in a while.

“If you are a conservative, rather than concentrating on what the Democrats have done wrong, or the people on the left, you might concentrate on what your crowd and you are doing wrong, and try to stop doing that.”-Jordan Peterson

Why It’s Great Advice

I like his advice for two main reasons.

1. Conservatives will get their chance again

In a democracy, power flips back and forth. You may not like it when your side is not in power, but that is how our government works. I am only 30 years old, and take a look at all the Presidents I have lived through.

  1. George H.W. Bush (Republican)
  2. Bill Clinton (Democrat)
  3. George W. Bush (Republican)
  4. Barack Obama (Democrat)
  5. Donald Trump (Republican)
  6. Joe Biden (Democrat)

There have been six presidents during my lifetime, three Republicans and three Democrats. Also, control of the House and Senate has flipped more times than I can remember.

Republicans will have their chance to lead again, whether people like it or not. So, if you happen to be a Republican, your time is better spent making sure you are ready to make the most of the opportunity to lead when it comes.

2. There are no better options

Even if you don’t like the current administration, there is very little you can do about it. Complaining about all the things you feel that they do wrong won’t be effective. Time is always better spent doing something productive.

It Applies To Everything

The question Jordan Peterson was answering was political. However, this advice works for every situation, not just political ones.

Focusing on what you can control is excellent advice for nearly every situation. Complaining about a situation feels good, especially in the short term. But it does nothing to improve the situation, and action is the only thing that improves difficult situations.

In the real world, most situations only have non-optimal solutions. In those situations, the best strategy is to do something productive to the best of your abilities. Then, ruthlessly chase improvement.

Small improvements add up over time. If you chase improvement consistently over a long enough period, you will be more capable of solving a similar problem in the future.

Remember, time will pass at the same speed whether you make the most of it or waste it. You might as well make the most of your time.

Final Thoughts

Ignoring things that you can’t control is not the same as pretending a problem doesn’t exist.

If studying the other side’s actions teaches you something, do it. Just be honest with yourself about whether or not you are using your time wisely.

If Republicans focus more on improving themselves, they will be in a much better position to succeed in the future. That is a lesson Democrats should learn also. Complaining about the other side is not nearly as effective as improving your own.

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