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$600 Stimulus Checks Are Coming To Los Angeles Residents

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The “Golden State Stimulus” is coming to some Los Angeles residents soon. The $7.6 billion Covid-19 relief package was approved on Monday. Part of the package includes a $600 stimulus check for low-income residents. 

California residents who make $30,000 a year or less will be eligible. That covers around 5.7 million people in the state of California. Residents can expect their payment around four to five weeks after they file their 2020 tax returns if they use the direct deposit option. The wait will be closer to seven weeks if they have a physical check delivered. 

A $600 payments are not all that is in the bill. There is also money allocated to help small businesses. Also, $50 million will go to cultural institutions hurt by the pandemic. Community college students and food banks will also get some help. 

This stimulus was made possible by an unexpected surplus in tax revenue. 

Los Angeles Resumes Vaccinations But With Problems

There are five vaccination sites run by the city of Los Angeles. Those sites are Dodger Stadium, Hansen Dam Recreation Area, San Fernando Park, Lincoln Park, Pierce College, and Crenshaw Christian Center. 

All five of those sites closed for a few days because of a lack of vaccines. Thankfully, all five sites are up and running again as of Tuesday. They are all currently giving priority to people who had their appointments canceled last week. 

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti expressed confidence that the city is prepared to administer dosed quickly. 

“Our city’s vaccination teams are ready to make up for lost time and get doses into people’s arms quickly, safely and equitably.” 
Mayor Eric Garcetti 

Poor Communication

Communication has been a problem from the start. First, it was hard to make a vaccine plan since state officials didn’t know how many doses to expect. 

President Biden has committed to doing better. He hopes to inform states of the number of vaccines coming three weeks ahead of time. Governor Newsom has since confirmed that this is the case

Unfortunately, the communication issue still persists. The state now knows how many vaccines to expect, but that message is not being passed along to localities. It is hard for Los Angeles to plan ahead when they don’t know what to expect.

Of Course There is Fraud

Whenever something has value, someone will try to steal it. The fact that people will try to get the vaccine before their time should not surprise anyone. 

One of California’s current goals is equity. Minorities have not been vaccinated at the same rate as they should be, so California wants to fix that. 

At Cal State Los Angeles, there is a block of appointments every day set aside for underserved communities. These appointments can only be accessed with a specific code. 

The codes are meant to be used by people in communities of color. They also should be 65 or older. It is meant to help people who should be vaccinated but otherwise would struggle to get an appointment. 

Unfortunately, the code is getting into the hands of people it was not intended for. It is not clear exactly how this is happening. 

Dr. Don Garcia is the medical director at Clinica Romero. He said the following.

“People are getting greedy and butting in line, coming to to be first in line and pushing out those who are dying and in most need” 

It is surprising that Los Angeles city officials were not prepared for this problem. It is a very obvious outcome. There really should have been a plan in place for this situation. Hopefully, it will get fixed soon. 

Equity in vaccine distribution is an admirable goal. However, the execution needs to improve. 

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