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Los Angeles Cancels 12,500 Vaccine Appointments

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Severe weather has hit many parts of the country. That is obviously difficult for people living in those regions. But, what does that have to do with Los Angeles? It has disrupted scheduled vaccine shipments. 

“Severe weather across the country has disrupted travel and shipping nationwide, including delaying the delivery of our vaccines. Our city is ready to administer COVID-19 vaccines swiftly, safely and equitably, and as soon as doses arrive in Los Angeles, we will get them into people’s arms immediately.” 
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Sites run by the city of Los Angeles have started to delay some Covid-19 vaccine appointments due to this problem. Those appointments have to be delayed until more shipments can get in. 

It is estimated that somewhere around 12,500 people will be affected. Those people will be notified if their appointment is postponed. 

Los Angeles is not the only place being affected by delayed shipments. Orange County has also been forced to delay appointments. The Disneyland distribution site has the same problem.

Current Covid Numbers 

If you live in Los Angeles, you live in the worst place, Covid wise in many ways. 

As of Friday Morning America had 28,536,061 confirmed cases with 505,612 deaths. America is the worst country in the world with both those numbers. 

California has 3,499,152 confirmed cases with 48,347 deaths, which makes it the words state in the country. 

Los Angeles County has 1,147,340 confirmed cases with 19,514 deaths. Los Angeles County has the worst numbers in all of California.

Numbers Trending Down

There is some good news for Los Angeles residents when it comes to Covid numbers, though. 

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a seven-day average of 104,217 cases last week which is down from 134,524 from the previous week. 

Here are the top four reasons that the number of cases is dropping. 

1. Behavior 

Movement data shows that people are traveling a lot less. That is no surprise since people naturally traveled more during the holiday times. There are also many signs that mask-wearing and social distancing are happening at high rates. Even with the vaccine rollout, mask-wearing and social distancing are still our greatest weapons against Covid currently. 

2. Seasonality 

The link between season and Covid is not settled yet. However, there does seem to be a good chance that Covid is at least somewhat seasonal. The warmer weather in certain parts of the country may be helping slow the outbreak somewhat. 

3. Partial Immunity 

The more people with immunity from previous infection or vaccine, the better. The more immunity there is, the slower the virus can spread since it will have a harder time finding human hosts. 

4. Vaccinations

There is an overwhelming amount of data to support the fact that vaccines work. The only reason vaccines are not higher on the list is that so few people have received them so far. 

The fact that vaccines are the fourth leading cause of the recent drop in infections is great news. A vast majority of Americans have not been given a chance to get vaccinated yet. The more people get vaccinated, the fewer infections we will see. 

Final Thoughts

It has been nearly a year since Covid upended all of our lives. And yet, there is still a steady stream of negative news coming out about it. Thankfully, we are close to turning the tide. 

We may have a vaccine shortage here in Los Angeles, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Once we mix more vaccines with existing precautions, we will be very close to getting something resembling our normal lives back. 

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