Technology Is the New Magic: Do We Really Want to Forget How to Do Everything by Hand?

Eugene Adams

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The Quidditch World Cup took place at the beginning of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Tens of thousands of wizards from all over the world came to watch. The only problem was that they all had to act like Muggles (non-magical people) to avoid attracting attention.

Acting non-magical should have been easy. Unfortunately, Wizards are no good at acting “normal.” Simple things like lighting a fire, setting up a tent, cooking, paying with cash, and choosing what to wear were all too difficult.

Growing up with magic made learning to do things by hand unnecessary. Using magic was always faster and easier.

Today technology functions much the same way. Cooking, changing a tire, fixing something around the house, and much more become easier as technology advances.

Why would anyone do something by hand when technology can do it for you? Or, at the very least, make it significantly easier?

Technology is quickly becoming the new magic. But is that good or bad?

Reasons It’s Good

1. Technology makes many difficult tasks easier and more efficient.

The extra time we save thanks to technology can be used on other tasks that are either more important or more enjoyable. One example of this is farming technology. Today we can produce more food with fewer farmers. People that would have been farmers 50 years ago can now do other jobs.

2. Technology saves lives

Technology can be used to make better medicine and more efficient healthcare. If you have a medical emergency, help is just one quick phone call away (911).

Technology has also led to many safety innovations that save lives. Cars, planes, trains, buildings, roads, bridges, and many other things are much safer due to advances in technology.

Reason It’s Bad

People are turning into house cats

House cats avoid many of the dangers of being outside (fights, malnutrition, cars, etc.). Because of that, they have a much longer lifespan, 13–17 years vs. 3–5 years.

The only downside is that if an outdoor cat is suddenly moved outside, the chances are it will not survive long. Living indoors protects them to the point where they can no longer survive without their owner's protection.

A similar but not quite as serious effect is happening to humans. Flat tire? No problem, call AAA. Can’t cook? Order food. The list goes on and on. Society is slowly losing its ability to solve problems without technology.

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed this weakness. Past generations of Americans were busy winning world wars. Today many Americans struggle to socially distance and wear a mask.

My Opinion

Obviously, the good far outweighs the bad. Technological advancement is a huge net positive.

But, it would be good to learn to do some basic things without technology (Cooking, changing a tire, basic self-defense, first aid, etc.).

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