Rose Bowl and LA Covid Updates

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Rose Bowl 

The Rose Bowl will officially not be played in Pasadena this year. 

#1 Alabama will take on #4 Notre Dame in Texas instead. 

The state government thinks that the game would be dangerous even though they continue to allow indoor shopping for nonessential reasons. 

The Rose Bowl was hoping to have an attendance of 400–500 people. They wanted this to allow the player's families to watch the game. Unfortunately, the state feels that 500 people in a stadium that seats 95,000 is dangerous, but Hollywood is essential. (Take a wild guess at who donated more to Governor Newsom’s campaign Hollywood or the Rose Bowl?)

This issue was serious enough that Brian Kelly even suggested that Notre Dame might not play if players' family members could not attend. 

Coach Kelly brought up a couple of great points. 

  1. There is no reason the game can’t be moved. (which it was)
  2. Trying to play in California was basically putting tradition over logic. 

Putting tradition over logic was particularly laughable because California's government clearly does not care about tradition. They demonstrate this by pretending an outdoor stadium is more dangerous than shopping at the Gap. 

 But don’t worry, you can always make a trip to San Diego strip clubs instead. 

Newsom did go through the motions of pretending to care, though. 

He lied about how much he cares about tradition. But he declined to provide any data supporting the idea that 400–500 fans are any more dangerous than indoor shopping or 30 % of people ignoring his orders. 

Look at the stats

Cases per 1M (as of 12/23/2020) 

Texas: 57,034

California: 50,354

The Covid situations in Texas and California are remarkably similar. Despite that fact, Texas is allowing 16,000 fans in attendance, but California can’t allow 500. 

Other Covid News

Stay-at-home order

A recent study found that 30% of LA County residents were not following the current stay-at-home order. To be honest, I am a little surprised that it is only 30%. 

According to the order:

“All public and private gatherings and events with individuals not in your household are prohibited except for church services and protests”

Clearly, people are not respecting this part of the order. With Christmas right around the corner, that order will probably continue to be ignored. 

Extending the stay-at-home order

Governor Newsom says that it is very likely the current stay-at-home orders will be extended. 

It has been 9 months since California's first stay-at-home order, and we are still expected to avoid meeting with anyone outside of our household. It will be interesting how long this is expected to last. 

We have come a long way from when people pretended that our goal was to flatten the curve. 9 months later, they continue to move the goal post.

Dr. Fauci now claims that we can return to normal in the fall of 2021. However, when we get closer to fall 2021, they will probably find a way to move the goal post again. It very well might end up being 2 years or more from the beginning of Covid until a return to normal. 

Lockdowns are working 

In other confusing news. Governor Newsom claims that his lockdowns are working. He has set the bar so low for himself that he will take any small change in the numbers to declare victory. 

If his lockdowns are working, why are we locked down 9 months after his first lockdown? We will never get a straight answer to this question because the Governor insists on pretending that his leadership has been successful. 

California has the most Covid cases in the country by a wide margin. But please, nobody tell that to Governor Newsom because he is busy pretending to do a good job. You would think that these lockdowns that Newsom claims are working would keep California out of the #1 spot. Especially considering that the states with the second and third number of cases refused to implement similar lockdowns (Texas and Florida). 

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