A Basic Guide for Overcoming Test-Stress in School

Ethan Hawley

Regardless of your school level, overcoming stress during tests is essential to achieving good results. Therefore, the following tips will help you overcome the stress during test-taking time and teach you how to face these periods with confidence.


1. Listen to Classical Music

Studying for tests while listening to music creates a positive and productive environment which helps you study better and for longer periods. Classical music or ambient music is ideal for increasing one's focus and concentration.

2. Go for a Walk

Studies prove that physical exercise, even a simple walk, helps to improve memory and mental capacity.

Therefore, it's recommended you take a break from your study hours with walks in a relaxed atmosphere or, preferably, outdoors and in contact with nature.

3. Plan Your Study Time

When starting your preparation for the test, it is essential to categorize and organize which subjects to work on first and determine how much time will be devoted to each one of them.

This plan is essential for students to organize their study period so that they know, and are motivated towards, the goals and objectives to achieve.

4. Sleep

Sleep has been proven to help the brain assimilate new knowledge and retain it. Therefore, the cliche of cramming through an entire night is not the best method to follow.

Ideally, it's recommended that students sleep about 8 hours a night as well as take a midday nap to improve their memories and reduce stress.

5. Use Learning Apps

There are several educational apps available that can help students manage and organize their time, as well as provide excellent educational material.

6. Meditate

You don't need to be a yoga professional to enjoy the benefits of a few minutes of meditation.

Meditation helps students relax, reduce stress levels and also increase their ability to focus and concentrate.

7. Eat Dark Chocolate

Without a doubt, this is one of the sweetest tips and one that will undoubtedly gain more followers and supporters.

Cocoa has been demonstrated to fight stress hormones, causing a relaxing effect on the body, and thus enhancing the release of natural stress-fighting endorphins.

8. Vent

Sometimes the stress before testing can also be related to other problems or student concerns. For this reason, it is essential to express all fears, anxieties, or frustrations that may be interfering with studying. Ultimately, if external problems persist, seek expert help.

9. Don't Ge Distracted

In general, one of the main problems during a marathon study is the distractions that can make studying more stressful than it should be.

Being constantly connected via mobile phones or social media is not good a idea and can jeopardize the study's effectiveness.

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