Luxembourg May Become the First European Country to Approve the Legal Use of Cannabis

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Legalization has reached Europe: Luxembourg, located in a small area bordering Belgium, France, and Germany, will be the first country on the continent to authorize self-cultivation and personal use of cannabis legally. Unless surprising incidents occur, Europe will soon cease to be a continent where cannabis is outright banned.

Luxembourg is on the road to legalization, the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Justice announced in a joint statement. The new law in the small state will allow any adult (over the age of 18) to use cannabis and even grow the plant at home (four seedlings at most). This makes Luxembourg the first country in Europe to allow the full use of cannabis legally.

The territory of Luxembourg, which borders Belgium, France, and Germany, is home to only about 600,000 residents. These residents now enjoy an unprecedented privilege in Europe in places like the Netherlands, where cannabis consumption is relatively free. This is a policy of non-discrimination and not a legal-approved move.

The least sympathetic part of the new law is that smoking cannabis in public remains prohibited. In other words, it is allowed to grow and one is allowed to consume cannabis, but it should be done within the walls of the house and not on the street. In any case, a violation of the existing law will not result in a criminal case: the penalty for possession of cannabis in public and/or its use will be a fine of 25 to 500 euros, a small amount compared to the fine that was customary in the law until now - 2,500 euros.

It is important to note that the law has not yet been approved, and it will soon be put to the vote in the Luxembourg Parliament. In any case, the law enjoys the broad support of the coalition and seems to be on the highway leading to approval by a majority of votes.

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