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A Few Tips On Staying Safe In Las Vegas, For Travelers And Residents Alike.

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It's true that nearly every mid- to large sized city has its "darker" side and there are things and places you should know to avoid.

Las Vegas is no exception. Vegas is one of the most well known cities in the U.S., so it's no surprise that there are a lot of companies offering tips on staying safe while visiting. tripadvisor is one such site that offers great tips, some of which are mentioned in this article.

Las Vegas Visitors Authority reports that with over 30 million visitors each year coming into the city for fun, adventure and a new experience, there will naturally be influences from across a broad spectrum of human nature and some people just seem to have a knack for finding trouble. Vegas can be a paradise of guilty pleasures and it isn't hard to let down your guard.

There are some obvious things to avoid, some well-known things to avoid, and a host of other things to avoid that may come as a complete surprise.

With a little help from holidify and exoduslasvegas articles , I have compiled a few tips for staying safe while traveling in and around Las Vegas.

Vegas' nickname is "Sin City", a name it earned back in the 1930's because of money crimes, prostitution and violence attributed to known gangster activity. While modern laws and regulations have greatly reduced certain types of crimes, other crimes and violence do still occur. Know how to avoid them.

There are some lovely, family-oriented neighborhoods in the valley, but there are also some very "sketchy", crime ridden neighborhoods. And they can be found in very close proximity to the nicer areas, with very little transition space to let you know you've ventured over the invisible line of safety. It may be best to simply not venture far off the beaten path of the more popular tourist areas!

The area known as Naked City is well known by locals as one of the worst parts of the city. It is the area surrounding the Stratosphere, at the very North end of the Strip. According to information published by, during night time hours even the local cab drivers try to avoid the area because it is known to be riddled with drug-peddlers and prostitutes.

Street vendors are a given in Vegas, particularly on the Strip and in the downtown Fremont area which focuses on the outdoor venues. Some are not licensed, so be mindful of who you buy from.

Reliably, most street vendors and performers are honest, hard working artists, etc., who are there to entertain you and earn a living. Others may be nothing more than con artists. Dice games, card sharks ... they aren't there to entertain, they are there to relieve you of your hard earned money. Purchase event tickets, VIP passes and other offers only from well-known, reputable vendors to avoid getting ripped off.

Cannibus is legal in Las Vegas, with certain quantity restrictions as well as restrictions on where you can use it. You may not use your product in your hotel room, or in any public place such as bus stops, stores, etc. Cannibus "lounges" are available in numerous areas where it is completely permissable to light up and enjoy yourself in the company of other smokers. Don't test the patience of the local authorities!

The gambling industry in Nevada strongly regulates casino operations, but be very careful how you act once you are inside them. They are not an unsupervised playpen for adults. Video cameras are everywhere inside the casinos. If you are suspected of any type of behavior that threatens casino operations or other people in any way, you will be subject to ejection, or worse.

If you are enjoying a few cocktails but it leads to you making poor decisions, you don't have to wander very far away from the bright lights to find yourself in a less-than-safe area. Bad decisions lead to bad outcomes.

Hopefully these few tips will help you stay aware and stay safe!

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