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Each method's goal is to create an emulsion in which all constituents are dissolved.

Cake Ingredients:

•Two stage approach

• Three stage method

• Sugar batter method

• Flour batter method

• Blending method

•Boiling method

All in technique

Traditional Process

• Genoese

• Emulsified Process

• The Delayed Soda Process

• Separated Sponges are all sponge products.

Methods of aeration

Aeration is employed in cake preparation in a variety of ways, and these procedures are frequently combined.

The most common types are:


This comprises creaming the butter and sugar, mixing the butter and flour, beating the mixes, sifting the flour, and folding whipped egg whites into the batter.


Baking powder, which is a combination of an acid and an alkali, is used to achieve this.

When a liquid is added to a heated environment, the two react and release carbon dioxide (CO2), which is trapped in the cake's structure. One part bicarbonate of soda

and two parts cream of an edible acid make up the most common baking powder.


This is where a combination of mechanical and physical factors comes into play.

The decorations should complement the cake's texture so that the client may taste something creamy, crispy, or crunchy, as well as something fruity.

Traditionally, gateaux and torte were decorated to be portioned by the slice.

This traditional technique of decorating is disappearing from trend due to hefty labor costs.

Modern designs can have an offset center, although this makes splitting the torte/gateau into sections difficult.

Some classic cakes, however, may require individual slice decorating.

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