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A cake is a'sweet baked' product that often contains flour, sugar, eggs, and fat. Flavoring agents, liquids, and leaveners or raising agents, such as baking powder or baking soda, are also common components. 

Cakes are classified based on their primary ingredient or flavoring.


Raspberry cake or chocolate cake 

Cake with fruit. 

Alternatively, they can be identified by their 'preparation method:' 

Cake made of mousse 

Cake made with chiffon 

Cake made without flour.


Sponges are created with three primary ingredients: eggs, sugar, and flour, with a small quantity of butter added in some cases.

Traditional sponges (Genoise) do not include baking powder or baking soda; its volume and light texture are completely due to the air whisked into the egg and sugar mixture.

Sponge cakes are almost always used as a component of assembled decorative cakes and plated desserts.

Baking sponge cakes and variants on them is a fundamental skill that every cook should be able to master.

Not having a correctly constructed sponge has an impact on the product's taste and mouth feel, as well as its final look, as it will be more difficult to decorate nicely.

The method of preparation for sponge cakes, such as creaming or foaming, is used to classify them.

Sponges made without leaveners, such as the Genoise kind, should be baked right away or the bubbles will start to break.

Sponges should be partially cooled before unmolding so that they keep their shape and are less fragile.

Sponge cake freezes quite well, even for weeks if properly covered.

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