Suggestions for Efficient Cooking and Food Processing


Does your white sauce have any lumps in it? With an egg whisk, white sauce, béchamel, and other slow-cooking thickening sauces may be made more quickly, and you won't have any limps in your finished product.

Make a gourmet oven out of your open BBQ. You'd want to try a new barbecue recipe, but it calls for a hood, which you may not have. Try a wok lid or any other domed cover. This is an excellent solution. When camping, this is a must-have item.

Never again will you have to deal with frozen pastries. The thought of baking a short pastry probably drives you insane. Run the whiz until all the pastry is formed into a ball and set aside. Adding a little extra liquid may be necessary if it doesn't form a ball. The amount of liquid you need for your pastry depends on the type of recipe you use.

They look more like rock cakes than scones. Make your scones in a matter of minutes. Scones seem to elude many individuals, no matter how hard they try. The most common issue is over-handling. This issue is resolved by using the whiz.

Also, prepare your scones as though guests or members of your family are already seated at the table. Because the less time you spend dealing, the easier it will be. After adding the milk, the mixture should be relatively wet and not dry.

Turn out onto a floured surface and use the tips of your fingers to draw in the additional four. 5-8 seconds is all that's required. Cut the scones into any shape you choose—round or square—and gently pat them into form.

Cooking scones in a rising oven seems to provide the greatest results. Because the oven hasn't yet achieved its desired temperature when the scones are placed in the oven, you should turn it on before you begin to mix the scones.

As a young yacht crew member, I learned this method of baking scones when the other crew members wanted morning tea and tried to persuade me to make some. This is why I said that I had a waiting audience.

Once the oven was preheated at its maximum temperature, the flour, butter, and milk were thrown into it and mixed. They were blown away, and the outcome astonished me to no end. The fact that my mother had never been able to bake scones made me unsure of my abilities in the kitchen.

When my mother was 65, I taught her how to bake scones in the kitchen whiz, and she was thrilled that she had finally mastered the art of baking an edible scone. In addition, scones have become a standard part of morning tea.

Are your curries gummy? Do you have difficulty determining whether or not a casserole or curry has been cooked? When the fat (oil) begins to rise, you know your meal is done. It starts to cook when fat comes out of casseroles that have meat in them, which makes the meat get cooked.

Is there anything you're missing? Any time your curry or casserole lacks flavor, you've probably wondered what you're missing and tried to figure it out. Perhaps the flavors don't mesh well together.

Intangibles are missing from the equation. If you add a little bit of sugar, you'll be astonished at how well the flavors come together and become mellower. The flavors will no longer be at odds with one another.

Have you ever accidentally dropped the salt pot while cooking? Have you ever accidentally over-salted a dish? To remedy this, avoid using sugar and instead use a squeeze of lemon juice.

Dishwashers irritate me to no end. Do you like roasting potatoes but despise having to clean the pan afterward? Here's a simple, low-fat approach that's both quick and easy. Cut each potato in half so that you have the most surface area to work with. Spread a little amount of margarine on the sliced side of a potato. Salt and pepper to taste if desired.

Wrap the greased potatoes in aluminum foil and place them on the foil-wrapped side down. Seal the foil with a twist. Add to a preheated 200-degree Celsius oven and simmer for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. After they've been cooked, remove the foil from the potatoes and serve them. Just throw the foil away and you'll have perfectly roasted potatoes in no time at all.

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