It'll Be A White Christmas For Some Or A Hawaiian Christmas For Others

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This Christmas is meant to be the Christmas everyone is getting back together with other families. After all, an estimated 109 million Americans are flying or driving during the Christmas week to visit families. Thankfully, that travel should be mostly hassle-free in terms of the weather for most.

For others though, each end of the country will have travellers experiencing some travel woes.

Tropical-Like Storms Might Cause Travel Delays

One source of the travel woes comes in the form of a storm that's currently forming in the Gulf of Mexico. If it was being formed two months ago, there would've been potential for this storm to be a tropical storm. However, as it stands, the water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico is warmer than usual.

It's at ocean temperatures right now which is more on par to the November temperatures which signifies the end of hurricane seasons.

Even so, the storm that's forming now would be more like a subtropical storm than anything else. It's to be expected to hit today (Tuesday, December 2021) in the early morning and get stronger throughout the day.

Fortunately, according to the Weather Prediction Center, this storm is to hit across the Florida Peninsula. As a result, some thunderstorms could produce gusts, tornadoes and waterspouts that could damage the area.

If you're leaving or going for the holidays across Florida, expect some delays in flights.

Major Storm Systems On The West

On the other side of the country, winter is in full blast. There was a brief lull in the storms Tuesday morning, however, there is to be expected multiple storms hitting the West Coast all through Christmas.

Out of all the states, this will be the location that'll be the most consistent with travel disruptions. Even so, these winter storms have a silver lining as they address the states that faced incredible drought and have missed skiing during the season thus far.

These multiple storms are expected to move through western Oregon and travel into the Sierra Nevada where we're expected to see the highest five-day totals.

In more elevated areas, there will also be a lot of snow too which will cause a rapid change from the drought of snow the area has been in.

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