Nighttime Tornadoes Expected To Hit Central US This Weekend

Eric S Burdon
Photo by Ralph W. lambrecht from Pexels

With dangerous storms expected in the South, a powerful storm is expected to race across the central US and provide potential hazards in the process. One of those things being strong nighttime tornadoes, along with heavy snow and strong winds.

All of this is to be expected starting over this weekend.

This weather is expected to start late Friday at the lower Mississippi Valley and move to central Ohio. The greatest threat is the nighttime tornadoes which are stretching from Arkansas to Indiana.

All in all, over 50 million people are at risk of these severe storms.

A Detailed Look

This particular storm is phenomenal in its overall uniqueness. The cold arctic air from the south will suddenly clash with the record warm and humid air that the South experienced. This results in severe storms wherever the air masses will be meeting up.

The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center has made an outline of severe weather - level 3 of 5 - too. it's covering major cities like Nashville and Memphis Tennessee; and Louisville, Kentucky. Those areas, in particular, have the greatest odds of strong tornadoes with winds picking up to at least 111 mph or higher.

The last time there was a moderate risk of severe storms in this area in December was December 16th, 2019.

Meanwhile, there are slight risks of severe storms encompassing easter Texas like northern Indiana. There are also marginal risks of storms in Houston to Chicago.

These severe storms developing after dark are significant as they can lead to nighttime tornadoes which the prediction center states are strong in the more risky areas.

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