What’s One Thing That Would Totally Change Your Life For The Better?

Eric S Burdon


Having a network of people you can depend on.

My entrepreneur friend asked me recently:

Are you happy with your life right now?

While this is a terrible question to be asking yourself, I was able to put more focus on the issues I have with my life and think about what could be changed.

In most of these types of situations, people dwell on the lack of money and how it restricts them.

But when you look past that, you can realize other areas of your life that could be improved on.

Of course, this list is long, constantly changing and neverending.

But one aspect that can slip through the cracks is our own social life.

It’s far more noticeable these days with social distancing practices and the fact there is a pandemic going on. People feel the difficulty of going out and interacting with others.

Not to mention the pandemic exposing further rifts in people’s opinions as well.

But once the pandemic is settled, people will likely forget about those social needs. We’re known to relapse and return back to the way things were.

We’d become content with our current network of friends we had before.

But here is why I would encourage us to think differently. Better yet, seek out more connections now.

The Pandemic Has Changed Us

While we all seek things to turn back to normal, the reality is that not everything will turn back to the way things were. Whenever there is a massive or dramatic change, that’s going to affect how many people think.

This changes your networks dynamics for better or for worse and so it might be helpful moving forward to expand your network and make other connections with people.

You’ll Be Better At Expressing Your Thoughts

Since this pandemic, texting and online communication have been more prominent. But even before this pandemic, texting was a preferred method of communication.

After all, picking up a phone and calling someone takes a lot of effort. It's to the point people get phone anxiety over the sheer thought.

While texting is helpful and allows us to communicate on our own terms, it does lead to our physical communication skills deteriorating over time.

These social skills lead to us being better people, being more positive and expressive of our own opinions. This plays a more significant role as people are realizing how many problems we have as a race and sheer communication and leadership could make a significant difference in changing that.

Building a network of people might not lead you to create a revolutionizing group, but having deeper bonds with people can help you in expressing your thoughts and lifting up others around you.

You’ll Create More Genuine Connections Now

One of the biggest issues with making friends as an adult is that some relationships are superficial. That or we make them purely transactional and it can spoil that connection.

But right now with the pandemic going on, people feel more vulnerable.

We’ve realized how social isolation affects us and we feel lonelier than usual.

On top of that, there are many others who are suffering from mental illnesses and that can make matters worse.

Because people are in that frame of mind, people are seeking genuine connections. Someone who’ll listen to them and chat with them.

And more people are willing to do that these days for those reasons as well.

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