5 Great Reminders About Progress

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Progress is the big and the small things that make us move.

One of the things I’m grateful for of my weight loss journey is that every day I get to notice something different and good about myself. It’s gotten me to look at some other aspects of myself that are growing beyond the number that’s been on the scale.

It’s something that I’ve been doing a lot lately considering the fact that my weight hasn’t been changing all that much despite higher levels of protein and calories.

I know for myself that I’ll need to be making more changes to my health if I’m looking to be losing more weight. However my journey of weight loss is a reminder of this one thing:

It’s not always about going as fast as you can to reach your destination.

My entire life journey has all kinds of reminders. Here are are some of the other key ones that people should keep in mind.

Speed Isn’t Everything

We like to think of being productive as being able to reach our goals as quickly as possible. To get the fastest results. But that’s not how everything works.

Some things have to be taken slow in order to be fully appreciated.

Not everyone has the luxury of having an abundance of time on their hands.

Finding ways to get more done in a shorter period of time is comforting but not necessarily practical for everyone.

In fact, our own desire for speed can ultimately lead us to putting needless pressure on ourselves and making bigger mistakes down the road.

This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t bother about going fast at all — rather whenever we have a good opportunity to do so.

Progress Is Still Progress

I learned about Kaizen through one of the network marketing organizations I was working with for a bit. While I don’t agree with the industry now, they did have some valuable lessons in there.

Kaizen was one of them: the practice of small incremental changes.

This is something I’ve been working with for my own weight loss journey. Even though changes aren’t happening in large spikes, I’ve been making small changes.

Pushing more weight, shifting my eating habits, etc.

It’s also a gentle reminder that even if you make small changes, that is still progress. Small changes, immediate integration is the idea.

We don’t all have the luxury of enjoying those drastic changes in our lives. Sometimes you need to making and settling for the small changes over time and work with what you’ve got.

Enjoy The Process

I like the idea of Kaizen because it also allows us to enjoy the process. While the whole idea of making progress is to enjoy the results of the changes that you are making, focusing on the results denies you the opportunity of noticing the small changes.

This is a big thing because it creates an invested interest. A deeper connection to the goal or desire.

Little bits of progress and subtle changes keeps you invested in the habits that you’re building up. If you’re only worried about the end result the effort to get to that point will be harder.

It’s similar to story telling. If there is a whole lot of filler in the middle then people will lose interest. Sprinkling a little bit of progress and providing teasers along the way keep people motivated to keep listening to the story.

Be Creative With Your Solutions

Progress is all about finding a method that works for you. As your journey progresses, things change along with it.

Depending on where you are in life, you’ll be faced with different problems than other people on the same path. As such, you’ll need to think of other possibilities.

Perhaps possibilities that you dismissed at the beginning or didn’t consider them as important.

Case and point: my weight loss journey started with having low calorie intake and burning more energy to lose weight. Now, it’s all about increasing calories — particularly protein — in order to develop myself further.

In fact, having low calorie days at this point don’t do anything for me. Worse, I might gain weight from that.

The point is to adapt your system to solving your problem as you learn more about your progress. Don’t be afraid to try new things and see what sticks.

Remind Yourself That You’ll Get There

No matter how far you’ll go, remind yourself that you’ll get there eventually. If it’s something that truly moves you and that you’re invested in, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

It’s not going to happen instantly, and it’s still going to demand a lot of work from you, but with enough time and willingness to try new things, something can come of it.

It might not be the same path that you started off with initially, but when a goal is so desireable that it moves you to pursue it, there will always be some way of making it happen.

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