How Simple Decisions Greatly Change Your Entire Life

Eric S Burdon

No matter how slight, a decision does alter the trajectory of your life.

One of my high school classmates is both a medium and one who works in a barbershop as a receptionist downtown. Ever since she was a teenager, she started to understand more of how the Universe works.

She started to see the various energies surrounding individuals and for her, she was able to manifest it.

Her strategy isn’t like what Rhonda Byrne prattles on in her book The Secret. Though it’s still following the same principles of the Law of Attraction.

One other aspect about my classmate is that she is also involved in film and through her day job, she ran into a prominent individual in the indie film industry.

How that all came to be for her was due to the small decisions and actions that she took leading up to that moment.

She decided to apply for the receptionist position at this barbershop.

She decided to accept the position once they offered her the job.

She decided to be more involved in film.

She decided to converse more with the prominent individual when she had the chance.

And she decided to help this individual by providing dates for film festivals, what the indie filmmaking scene is like around here and more.

I wouldn’t be surprised by the end of this that she would land some great gigs in this area.

All of our decisions and indecision steer our lives in many ways.

Some of them are more obvious such as career paths, where to live (in terms of neighbourhoods, country, and town).

Others are more slight like whether eating choices, whether to hit the gym, to do or avoid work.

But at the end of the day, each of these decisions creates ripple effects that we possibly couldn’t imagine further down the road. They steer our overall life.

Leveraging this awesome power boils down to asking yourself questions and understanding yourself. When you know who you are and where you want to go, you’ll focus on the questions and decisions that matter the most to you.

It also makes decision-making easier too.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself.

What are my goals in life? What do I wish to accomplish?

The cornerstone of understanding yourself is knowing your desires. Your purpose. These things provide you with a clear direction for what you want to be achieving in life.

Beyond asking those questions, it also helps to be asking yourself…


Why do you have those goals? Why are they significant to you?

What do I stand to gain from this?

Every decision and indecision that we make has an opportunity to pull us back or to grow us further. It depends on the situation.

I like asking myself this question because it gets you to look at the upsides and downsides. You spend more time doing research.

We can’t determine all of the benefits and negatives that stem from a decision from the start. However, this question serves as a means of knowing what the obvious ones are and whether they match up with what it is you’re doing with your life.

Is this something that I care about?

The last question to ask yourself when leveraging a decision is whether you care about this. As much as the advantages could be appealing, are these the only reasons for saying yes to something?

When we care about something, we’ll spend more of our time and energy doing it. The other perks that come with it are side-effects. Still helpful, but not the main reason for you agreeing to the decision.

My classmate decided to go into indie filmmaking because she loves inspiring individuals and spreading joy through the things she does. She makes for a wonderful receptionist which is why people feel at ease with talking to her and telling them details about themselves.

If she didn’t care about what she was doing, she wouldn’t be making an effort for being more involved in the community.

This is a big question because it’s the difference between people who think like my classmate and those who believe in the teachings of The Secret.

When good things happen in your life, if you’re someone who believes in Rhonda Byrne, there is a sense of entitledness to it. Of course I deserve this. I resonated with The Universe.

When good things happen in your life and you think like my classmate, there is a deeper sense of appreciation and gratitude. I obtained this because I care and I work. For myself and for The Universe.

Whether the decision is big or small decision-making steers our lives in a way that we can’t possibly imagine. There is a lot of weight placed behind the decisions that we make.

So take some time to look at your life and see if you’re happy with the decisions that you’ve made. If not, start making some new decisions now.

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