5 Ways You Can Start Loving Yourself Deeply

Eric S Burdon

Tips on taking better care of yourself plus some angles you might not have thought of when doing said activities.


My favourite ratio in the world is one in 400 trillion: the odds of being born.

We are indeed a miracle and as miracles, we should be expressing our gratitude that we are alive. Yet every day people suffer from depression, lack ambition to achieve what they desire, and manipulate others.

Although we can’t do much to remove those aspects of our lives, we can change ourselves. We can commit to making a change in how we care and love ourselves.

Some of the tactics I’ll be mentioning below are tried and true. And to be honest they are pretty generic.

But I encourage you to still read them all the same. As someone who deeply loves themselves and is making steps towards taking action, I believe that what I have to share is insightful for you.

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How often do you find yourself exercising? Are you someone like me who does this every day at home? Do you go for long walks? What about the gym?

Exercising is a good form of self love and self care and how our routine goes depends on what our ideal figure looks like. But even that alone isn’t enough to motivate some people. Many times other things take priority and we skip out on our workouts.

It’s for this particular reason that I exercise early in the morning, typically before I do most of the time-consuming work.

By exercising early, you are putting yourself into a state of high energy. Furthermore, you are burning off fat too. This can help if your aim is to lose more fat and develop muscles.

Grooming Yourself

A lot of people might think of the basics when it comes to grooming. Things like brushing your teeth, smelling nice, and combing your hair, but there is more to it than that.

It means dressing nice and telling yourself that you look good.

Furthermore doing all of these things early in the morning.

This may not be so bad for some people, however others who work at home may be guilty of working in their PJs until late afternoon.

You do not want to be that guy.

When we take the time to look after ourselves in this way we are placing ourselves in a different state of mind. Grooming and dressing the part lets us slip into the roles that we want to achieve.

It’s these tiny actions that we do early in the morning that define us. I know this because I become lazy if I sit in my PJs all day. All the same I feel better and concentrate better when I’m wearing my jeans and t-shirt.

Dress and groom yourself to be the person that you want to be in life.

Practicing Affirmations

Affirmations and mantras do make an impact when used correctly. I don’t believe so much in practicing any kind of affirmation and that’ll make an impact. There are hundreds of listicles that display a multitude of affirmations.

But I believe what really sets the people apart is a mantra or affirmations that are created specifically by you.

All the same, there are many reasons to express gratitude and to appreciate. But not all the things in the world matter a whole lot to you.

Yeah it’s kind of grey, but it’s true.

Some people feel moved and support going vegan. I’m indifferent and continue to eat meat. It’s not a morality thing for me. I simply enjoy the taste and the flavour it adds to the dishes I eat.

All the same, you don’t want to stick with generic affirmations that you don’t believe in.

You tailor your thoughts and beliefs to match with what defines you as a human being.
Start structuring affirmations or any sort of positive self-talk to you specifically.

Having Healthier & Energizing Foods

On the topic of foods, spend time eating foods that give you plenty of energy. I don’t believe this isn’t said enough so it’s well worth looking into.

Of course, the food that we eat gives us energy and it’s important to maintain a high energy and healthy diet.

But what sort of foods do you want to be going for?

From what I know, the biggest thing that helps in staying in high energy is water-based vegetables, fruits, and minimal carbs with protein.

Some say going for organic is better, but even the non-organic can work wonders if you want to save the money.

With higher energy, you will have a better means of putting energy into your passions and projects. Furthermore it helps a lot in networking since no one likes to be around people who bring down the whole atmosphere.


It doesn’t have to be exactly meditating but more of a bit of time for yourself. Lay down, take a breather, go for a walk, whatever.

Devote some time to “shutting down” your brain and removing yourself from everything.

At least for a while.

This can be difficult, but once achieved it can be very relaxing and comfortable.

Although we shouldn’t constantly place ourselves in a state of constant comfort (ruins productivity), it’s still nice to do this for brief periods of time.

This can also translate to putting focus on things that matter, ignoring other distractions and paying attention to what needs to be currently done first.

Try This

Love yourself deeply and openly. When you do, you will find some other ways to do extraordinary things with the ordinary things that you do today.

A lot of times deeper understanding of the most basic actions we do can help us to understand ourselves more. It’s these layers that define who we are and as always we can change them to change ourselves.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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