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Ukraine Conundrum

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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko visits front line of fighting in Donbass, in Peski, Donesk on June 24, 2016(photo by Ukrainian president press service) Just for a second could you imagine if the Russian viewpoint was what is really happening? There has already been speculation that the lady walking out of the maternity hospital was a paid actor. There is more to this than what we are seeing. I am not mad or upset, but I do not believe what Fox News is showing is true. I understand Fox News has its reasons, but when all of the mainstream news narratives align it makes someone like me start to ask questions. It appears what Fox News did was a pivot-shift to get the American people invested in what is going on in Ukraine and to have an emotional investment. I also noticed a slight pivot-shift back when Tucker Carlson showed the video of Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland testifying that Ukraine has NATO ran Bio Labs. I hope we will soon see that the Deep State regime, which may lead back to George Soros. Is Zelenskyy the Deep State’s puppet? After all Zelenskyy was the president of Ukraine when President Trump threating to withhold money if he did not look into what Hunter Biden’s dealings were when he was a director on the board of Burism. In fact, that phone call led to President Trump being impeached. I think there is more to the story. Was that impeachment staged? Could Trump and Zelenskyy be working together along with Russia to bring down the Deep State? I also believe some group(s) in Ukraine are killing men over the age of 18 trying who are trying to exit the country. I have seen what appeared to be real Russian video of Russian Soldiers approaching a vehicle where everybody was killed inside. I assume the people were trying to flee the country. Is it possible Ukraine is using terrorist tactics such as schools and hospitable to hide soldiers? Could this all be part of the plan? What is interesting is many Democrat leaders’ children have business dealings in Ukraine. I have been triangulate data and using information literacy and something is not what it appears. Also, some FORESHOWING here. Does George Soros have some of the same involvements in Taiwan? More to come on that!

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