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Samaritan saves 5-year-old boy drowning in Brooklyn pool after city lifeguards fail to respond

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Through tears, Torres described the rescue as 'traumatic,' saying 'I was a lifeguard for two years, I never seen nothing like that. It was aDaily Mail

NEW YORK — A child nearly drowned at a city pool Sunday in Brooklyn. The 5-year-old boy was pulled from the water by a good Samaritan and then lifeguards gave him CPR.

  • Anthony Torres, 37, was at the McCarren Park pool with his family on Saturday evening when people started screaming about a boy drowning in the water
  • Torres, who was a lifeguard for two years about 10 years ago, sprang into action and pulled the boy from the water
  • Torres said no lifeguards reacted while the boy was at the bottom of the pool, that they 'attacked' him told him to 'go home' after he saved the boy

A good Samaritan rescued a 5-year-old boy drowning in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park pool after he said Parks Department lifeguards failed to react quickly enough.

The boy was swimming during the extended pool hours when Anthony Torres, a DoorDash delivery man and former lifeguard, was cooling off with his family at the McCarren Park pool on Saturday night heard a commotion in the pool at 7:10 p.m., the hero and police said.

“People were screaming and pointing to the floor of the pool and that’s when I saw a little boy in a fetal position,” said Torres, 37. “He was on the bottom of the pool.”

“From the time I brought him up to the surface and out onto the ledge still not one lifeguard had come to aid,” Torres said.

“I had him on my forearms,” he said. “He was discharging water and vomit. I got to the edge of the [pool] deck and I put him on the deck.”

Torres said he turned the boy over so he could spit up pool water and at that point, two lifeguards came over to do CPR.

“He was breathing, his eyes were open but he was non-responsive,” he said of the scary moment. “I tried to pick his hands up but he was lifeless.”

The Parks Department said that two lifeguards ran to the child’s aid while two others remained on their lifeguard stands watching the rest of the swimmers.

Torres said that the lifeguards were trying to get him clear of the scene as they worked to revive the boy.

“When I finally got out of the water all the lifeguards were trying to push us back but I wasn’t moving until I knew that kid was OK,” Torres said. “By this time they were still trying to push me back but I demanded the lifeguard do another round of compressions and finally the kid opened his eyes and began to cry.”

The pool was closed for the remainder of the evening following the incident.

Through tears Torres described the rescue as 'traumatic.'

'I was a lifeguard for two years, I never seen nothing like that. It was a very traumatic experience,' he said.

Medics rushed the boy to Woodhull Hospital where he is expected to recover, police and fire officials said.

After the terrifyingly close call, the Parks Department and the NYPD closed the pool as police investigated.

Date Source : NY Daily News

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