Driver Monitoring System Thinks Chinese People Are Sleeping Because of Narrow Eyes

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The Driver Monitoring System is designed to improve the lives of motorists, making driving more comfortable and safer. However, owners of modern cars from China are faced with an unexpected problem, which, according to CarNewsChina, has already turned into one of the most discussed topics on the national social network Weibo. The fact is that electronics mistakes some Chinese for sleeping because of the narrow slit of the eyes and prohibits the use of a semi-autopilot.

The issue became widely publicized after a post by Chinese blogger DerekTLM on Weibo. He complained that the DMS installed in his car does not work correctly almost every time: the driver is constantly notified that he was distracted or fell asleep at the wheel during a trip with the semi-autonomous driving system turned on. Interestingly, the blogger drives an XPeng — a Chinese brand car.

As it turned out, DerekTLM is not the only one experiencing difficulties in interacting with the monitoring system. He was supported by both other bloggers and ordinary drivers, to whom DMS refuses to use an electronic assistant due to an erroneous perception of the eye section.

In his post, DerekTLM noted XPeng Chairman He Xiaoping. After that, the automaker published an official message that it was aware of the flaw and would try to fix it in the next updates.

According to CarNewsChina, the number of cars with driver status monitoring systems in China is growing rapidly: in 2021, it more than triple compared to 2020 – up to 543 thousand.

Last week, a Munich court ordered the manufacturer of electric cars Tesla to pay the owner of the Model X 99 420 euros for a faulty autopilot. According to the plaintiff, the system does not respond adequately to obstacles, and can also suddenly stop the car in the middle of the road, putting the owner and her passengers at risk.


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