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Orlando Science Center vs Orlando Museum of Art?

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"In your opinion which spot would be best for a first date (30M/F). Never been to either and I've heard OSC is more geared toward kids but it can be fun for adults too. Not sure about OMA. Please give me some suggestion. Thanks in advance!"

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Honestly I love OSC. My company rents it out for events and my husband and I always go and we have a blast, no kids needed. I do think it depends on the vibe you want to portray, if you want to show that you're mature and sophisticated do the museum of art, but if you want to just have fun and be silly together definitely go for the science museum.
It depends on the interests your date has. Supposing they are into both ideas, I think OSC would provide more fun activities to do and opportunities for conversation. I'm a big fan of the OMA, but being an art museum it's very quiet in there and you have to be mindful when speaking.
Art museum would probably be better. There is also the Morse museum in Winter Park which is really cool and has amazing Tiffany stained glass, then you could walk to a restaurant or bar after. OSC has tons of kids all the time.
I liked Orlando Science Center as a date tbh. It let us be kids too. I don't mind being silly with dates.
Every time I've been to OSC, it was rather dull. Even the stuff not entirely intended for kids was dumbed down. Go walk around the Art and History Museum of Maitland. The architecture is GORGEOUS and they have some really neat exhibits.

What is your option? Thanks for all advice.

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