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"Hi friends!

Which cities are you considering if you’re forced/decide to move away from Orlando? Right now I’m considering Atlanta since I can get my 2 car garage and there’s a truly international airport which will make traveling slightly cheaper."

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I have considered moving to Savannah or elsewhere in the state of Florida. I have a well paying job and still cannot reasonably afford to purchase a home here within my budget.
If I move It will be to Denver, Seattle, or Portland. All those cities have decent employment options, stuff to do, and are somewhat affordable besides Seattle being the most expensive even if you go to the suburbs. However, Washington has areas which are highly affordable farther out. If you’re ok with the heat or prefer that, Texas and Alabama have some decent options. Denver is my more affordable decent option I’ve highly considered, and has most of the things I like about Orlando, but better.
I lived in Florida my entire life (space coast and Orlando) and recently moved to Kansas City. I love it! Affordable, gets hot enough in the summer to feel like Florida, pretty autumn leaves, big enough city to do stuff but small enough that the traffic isn’t bad.
Try going to the Midwest. There are a lot of beautiful things about Orlando. First of all, so much beautiful foliage, so many pretty birds here year-round. Blue skies, moss hanging off of super old oak trees, natural springs, actual diversity.

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