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What is your rational (or irrational) pet peeves about Orlando and Central Florida?

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"I'll go first, I hate seeing 4 Rivers bumper stickers and I hate seeing those Pink Autonation license plate borders. How about you?"

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Excessively long traffic lights... I have never seen anything like it anywhere else in the country. Not only long but programmed in a way that I swear is designed to increase traffic. Lights that are over 2:30 red and under :20 green are not uncommon.
All of the parking lots have super tall shrubs and plans that make it impossible to see around corners and oncoming traffic. This is very dangerous. How is there not a law about this and how does it happen this often!?
The rate of housing price growth bugs me, especially over the last year or so. Every day, there's another story about how crazy the growth is. I don’t get how a city primarily known for hospitality could sustain workforce housing when home prices continue to skyrocket.
Salt life stickers on cars!! It is a general annoyance all around FL. The ones that are specifically annoying in Orlando are the Walt Life ones. Just kill me.
All of the old people on the neighborhood watch forum or whatever panicking EVERY night because there’s “loud booming” by DISNEY. it’s fireworks people! I don’t need fifty notifications for it! you live next to DISNEY!
People panhandling in traffic. I feel bad for them, your life must be dire to risk it for a few dollars. I see it everyday, but even worse is seeing firefighters doing the same damn thing. I've only seen this happen in CFL.

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Orlando, FL

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