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As a fast food worker, what is the weirdest thing a customer did in Orlando?

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I just changed my job as a fast food worker, wondering what is the weirdest thing a customer did in your place, welcome to share your stories."

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I work at McDonald’s, today we had a customer come in and ask for a cheeseburger no cheese, no mustard, no ketchup, no onion, no pickle, no meat and no salt. So basically…. just a toasted bun.
The customer sometimes wants the “secret menu” that may or may not actually exist. Sometimes they demand an item they don’t have or an item made in a frivolous way. I heard one person wanted half cut fries and another wanted buns and cheese only. Some drunk in my local McDonald’s even ordered and empty box!
When I worked at Mickey Dee’s in high schools, a woman came in and asked for a quarter pounder, no bun or condiments. Ok ma’am, we can do that. she then took it outside and fed it to her dog.
I’m bagging food. We’re decently busy and I’m in charge of both the drive-thru orders and front counter. Someone orders only a McChicken. That’s a simple thing to bag. No fries to grab or anything. I get it done really fast and get it on the counter, shouting what it is. I keep half an eye on it, and no one has come to claim it. We slow down a bit, so I go and yell the order again. A man comes up and starts yelling at me.

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