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Are there any non-drinking activities in Orlando?

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"Hi. I am almost 2 years sober. I want to start getting out of my apartment and going out on the town. However, it seems like everything at night in Orlando revolves around drinking. Any tips or ideas on what activities I could try or do that don't revolt around drinking would be greatly appreciated."


I think there was a non-alcoholic bar like that across from Croissant Gourmet in Winter Park. Not 100% sure. Also, there’s a non-alcoholic bar named BANDBOX coming to Orlando that serves only alternatives but still has a fun bar atmosphere. It's going to be in Ivanhoe and opining in Spring this year. You can have a try then!
Riding around the city on a bike is a really fun way to see it in a different way. Lots of art museums to check out, park ave is pretty fun to walk around on a weekend afternoon, or lake eola. Lots of amazing food to be had in Orlando. Try to discover your sober hobbies first.
My husband and I are non-drinkers and find plenty to do. Mini-golf, board games together or with friends, going on walks in general, movies, etc... There's a ton. I'll often order something that feels like a fun drink but non-alcoholic which has actually been more fun then just ordering alcohol.
Pickleball! It will change your life. It's fun for all ages, there's no performance pressure, cheap equipment and also a good way to meet new people.
Harry P. Leu gardens or Mead Gardens! Beautiful outdoor gardens. Couldn't recommend it more. Mead is free too!

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