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Where can I find nerd/retro gaming shops?

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"Hi everyone!

I am in Orlando for 4 days because of work, I like to explore local nerdy shops/bars, etc wherever I go. It would be really appreciated if you could point me out to some places. Thank you so much in advance."

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There is a local gaming shop near me in goldenrod called ‘Cybertron Video games’. Not a shop per say or bar just a local retail store but still a cool place. It's definitely the most robust retro game store in the city in terms of console/game diversity.
I recommend Cloak and Blasters which is a restaurant/bar and Player 1 which is a video game bar. God's and Monsters is mostly a geek merch shop but also fun to look around. I will definitely recommend player 1. Me and my wife went when they were doing a Pokemon night and we had a blast, definitely a place to check out and enjoy some retro games for sure.
Gamers Inc, in Waterford Lakes. They deal exclusively in retro video gaming. I picked up a refurbished SNES and a few games from them a couple years ago and I'm extremely pleased. I also bought numerous Hame Boy Color games from them including a mint condition Pokemon Yellow.
Campus Cards and Games 2 in Winter Park is a great spot for Magic: the Gathering and D&D, and there are plenty of board games there to play as well. There's also a nerdy-themed bar in the same plaza called the Geekeasy.

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