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What was cool in Orlando in the 90s but not so cool anymore?

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I'll start, Wet 'n Wild one of my earliest memories is when I almost died of heat exhaustion when I was like 8. Terror on Church Street is forever etched as an exhilarating memory."


Oh this is the best answer. Smell of fresh baked Merita bread driving down I4. They had had that huge billboard with the clock to i think. I-4 doesn't even look the same last year when I was there I couldn't believe how much it's changed.
We had lots of fun at the J.J. Whispers off Lee road back in the early '90s when it was one of the best discos in town. The restaurants I miss most are Lagniappe on 436 near Peaches, terrific cajun food! The Shells chain was really good, I miss them too, along with Fazoli's fast italian.
Any arcade and I remember laser tag places. Also Disney Quest blew my mind the first time I went, it was a school field trip. I don't know if that place counts though, they closed down. Anyways, I can't remember what year or how old I was, I'm sure it was in the late 90's the first time I went there.
Sitting by the fashion square mall and watching planes come in. This was Such a thing before 9/11, then it became extremely illegal. When we were kids we would get a pizza and sit in the back of a pickup truck.
The bubble room… it’s gone now. Went to dinner with a older friend of mine at Buca di beppo in Maitland. First thing he said when we sat down was "Holy shit I remember this place, this place used to be the bubble room!"

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