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Does anyone know where can I get a kitten in Orlando?

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"Hi there. Does anyone know a place where I can get a kitten? Wanted one forever, and finally ready to get one. Thanks for any useful reply in advance!"

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Orange County Animal Services is where we got our kitty earlier this year and they were great. It's only 10$ to adopt. The cheapest option by far.
Go to Orange County Animal Services, and then if you don't find one, literally right across from them is the Greater Alliance of Orlando with even more cats for adoption. (like literally, it's 20 steps across the parking lot)
Pet alliance or a PetSmart. PetSmart works with rescues and allows them to do adoptions out of the store.
Consider getting two if you are decided on a baby cat. Single kittens can develop undesirable behaviors, get bored, and destroy your home. Cats are social creatures and especially when young, ALWAYS do better with a young cat friend. In Orlando the OC shelter is a great option for adopters.
I would advise against going to pet rescue by Judy. Their adoption fees are high and they make you sign an agreement to allow them to have check ins on the pet in your home after you adopt it.
Could always check out a cat cafe! They usually pair up with local shelters and have a variety of cats. I recommend the one in downtown Orlando or in Clermont! :)
Seminole county animal shelter is a great option. I’ve adopted a cat and a kitten from them.

If you know any more places to recommend, leave them here!

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