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What's The Recommended Public/Private High School in Orlando Area?

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My family and I are planning to relocate to the Orlando area next year. I've heard that a lot of the public schools in the area aren't so great which concerns me because we'll be leaving a really great school district in the DC suburbs. Thoughts/opinions on which high schools are the best in the Orlando area would be greatly appreciated. "

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If you really want to learn about a school, request to take a tour during the school day. Call the school, say you're planning on moving to Orlando, and would like to visit the school to help you make a decision. If the school says no, don't go to that school. Also, as a high school teacher in OCPS, I can tell you with full certainty, IGNORE SCHOOL GRADES. They have 0 correlation to the quality of the school. I've worked in many school in Orange County, and some with an A are awful, some with an F are great. And as others have pointed out, the school itself really doesn't matter much.
If you're looking for private schools - Lake Highland Prep. Look up their high school golf rankings. I'm a graduate from there and the program is strong. If you're looking for public schools, Olympia High school (Located on the border of Windermere/Dr. Phillips) and Dr. Phillips High school (located in the heart of southwest Orlando).
I’m a student at winter park high school. Winter park has amazing sports, musical and academics, I recommend for most people. Also the winter park area is beautiful and you are only an hour away from the beaches. also not too far from the theme parks. It’s a great area and I love it here, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Welcome to add more suggestions you know. Thanks!

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