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Is it possible to live car-free in Orlando?

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"Hi, currently live in an area that has literally zero public transit options. The closest grocery store is a 15-minute drive. I hate it. If I move to Orlando, could I sell my car and still move freely throughout the metro area? Has anybody tried? Is it comfortable? Is it not worth it?"

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It's a NO from me. The most frequent bus routes of which I am aware of run on 30 minute intervals. And no matter which burb you live in, it will take more than an hour to reach downtown on a bus. Every cross-town ride requires a stop at the downtown depot.
It can be done, but only in a very specific and honestly privileged circumstance. There are walkable and bikeable neighborhoods, but they are expensive. You’ve also got to be lucky enough to work near one (or work from home). As for bike safety, it is an extra risk, but you learn which roads have slower and safer traffic.
If you live in Winter Park, Avalon Park or Downtown I'd say it could probably be done with a scooter or Ubers but if not I'd say no. Personally from what I witnessed, the further away you are from the city/downtown area the harder it will be to live without a car.
I was car free for about a year. It sucks because you lose about 2 extra hours per day, but it is cheaper than having a car.

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