Experience One Of The Best Adrenaline Rushes In Denver!

If you have ever thought of experiencing sky diving at least once in your lifetime or found the idea exciting, then I have good news for you, especially considering the height factor involved in skydiving.

IFly Colorado gives you a chance to experience skydiving indoors in a cost-efficient and secure way compared to traditional skydiving. My recent visit to IFly saw my adrenaline rush like never before.

I was really thrilled to have visited the site. First up, you will be given a short instructional class to let you know the experiecne you are to get and how to experiecne indoor skydiving in the safest way possible. Then you are given a suit and helmet to put on before you start walking towards a giant fan with a metal screen above it.

You can then move and lay on your stomach, similar to how you would when skydiving.

Meanwhile, the fans below start to function, starting from a relatively slow speed to function fast enough, making you float in the air as if you are floating in space. I reckon this particular experience while floating in the air for the first time is one of the best experiences out there that you are going to get.

Also, to get you to enjoy this fun experience to the fullest, there will be a guide with you, who will ensure that you don’t get into a tangle while floating mid-air.

So how did you find this experience? Personally, I found the experience of indoor skydiving at IFly Colorado one of the finest and unique ways to enjoy in Denver. This experience gives you an adrenaline rush like no other, so what now? Go and witness an experience like no other at Ifly colorado.

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