OPINION: The West Must Stop The Proxy War In Russia

Emily Roy

Stop war in Ukraine.(Photo by Tong Su on Unsplash)

The US turned Russia's invasion of Ukraine into a proxy war against Russia. This started decades before when the US did things like expanding NATO up to Russia's borders and overturning a Ukrainian government that was friendly to Russia. The road to an invasion escalated in 2008 when the US floated NATO membership to Ukraine and Georgia. Russia has been warning us for 14 years to stop provoking them.

For the past eight years, the West has all but demanded Russia attack. They did this by causing a civil war between the new central government and Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the Donbas. The Donbas Ukrainians were brutalized to unify Ukraine under a pro-West, anti-Russian national identity. With NATO weapons and troops on Russia's borders, Russia saw the crisis as an existential threat.

Current US support for Ukraine is simply a continuation of the proxy war against Russia going back to that 2014 coup. Rather than save Ukrainian lives, the US sentenced thousands more to needless deaths so the US could inflict a defeat upon Russia.

A good policy would be to have Russia and Ukraine negotiate. This would protect Russia's borders, provide Donbas autonomy, and stop the Ukrainian government from fighting against its people. People in European NATO countries and the US understand and are tired of the war in Ukraine. They know the war is not good for them, and Ukraine could have avoided being attacked if they had said no to NATO and not waged war against people on Russia's border.

The proxy war driving up gas prices is because their governments are forcing them into a nuclear war. This war shouldn't have ever started. The people won't listen to governments that have lied to them and erased pertinent facts. Western citizens, Ukraine's war fatigue is here to stay. Time for Ukraine's war fatigue to reach the US and Western European governments to set up the negotiating table for sensible, compromise-fostering diplomacy.

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