Congress Continues To Shower The Pentagon With Cash While Many Americans Struggle To Keep The Lights On

Emily Roy

Gas prices, rent prices, and utility costs have all gone up and people are worried that the economy might have a recession. And what is Congress doing as a growing number of Americans think these and other economic issues are the most important problems facing the nation today? They're planning to give military contractors the biggest payday they've ever seen.

Congress plans to spend $838.8 billion on the Pentagon, at a time when many Americans can't afford a roof or food. As happens nearly every year, more than half of this sum will go to Pentagon contractors. CEOs of these companies make tens of millions of dollars while telling shareholders that war and rising global tensions are good for business.

Congress is on track to give the Pentagon $37 billion more than the military even asked for. Congress could use this money to pay for a variety of things Americans desperately need right now, like school lunches, affordable housing, and utility assistance programs. Even a $37 billion tax cut or giving this money directly to people could put over $100 in the pocket of every American when they need it most.

Defense spending is one of the least economically productive ways the government can spend its, I'm sorry - our - money. We've got way bigger fish to fry besides fighting proxy wars across the world. That isn't going to help Americans. Washington insiders will profit from this wasteful government spending while Americans continue to pay the price as the cost of inflation continues to skyrocket and help is nowhere in sight.

Hang in there.

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