If you ride the gondola at Crystal Mountain, you'll find a little bit of Heaven

A lot of people go to Crystal Mountain for snow sports. Not me. I go there in the off season, and I ride the gondola to the top, where the restaurant is. I think my pictures show pretty clearly, why I go! It's simply jaw dropping beauty up there. I'm afraid of heights, so the gondola ride itself is freaky. But it's worth it!

I took my parents to the top, for a nice day to spend together. It was such a bonding experience for us! We sat in the adirondack chairs they have lined up, on the side of a slope. We had our lunch. We had chipmunks come up and hang out with us! I took a selfie with a chipmunk! I've never felt cooler!

I think what I loved most about this day, was that my parents were so happy. I really recommend this as a nice day trip. Pick a day when the weather is sunny, so your view is clear. And wear sunscreen, you're pretty high up there! I also recommend going a bit early in the day, this is a popular spot!

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