The Howe Street Stairs are a gold mine if you like to sweat

The Howe Street Stairs are hidden along the side of Capital Hill, perpendicular to I-5. I first learned about them when I was training for a fundraising event that involved climbing stairs. It is definitely a rare find, because the stairs just keep going and going! I can't stress this enough. Just when you think there could not possibly be more stairs to climb, there are. And if there happen to be a few too many people utilizing them, you can walk about 1.5 minutes South, and there are even more!

Here are a few reasons I love this massive set of stairs to exercise on. First off, they have a really great view on the way down. If you look past the freeway, you will see Lake Union glittery and beautiful. Secondly, I love comradery. There are most often a number of other fellow climbers, getting their sweat on. I like to feel like we are together in the pain. It helps! And trust me, there is a lot of pain the next day or two. Lastly, I love the pretty homes I get to admire as I climb. It's a good distraction!

Please make sure you bring a water bottle, so you can stay hydrated! And I suggest alternating the ways you step down the stairs. By this I mean, step sideways sometimes. Alternate your direction coming down. It's the impact of coming down the stairs that will make you feel the most sore the next day. Have fun!

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